Political violence flares in Tiger Reef

Source: Political violence flares in Tiger Reef – The Midlands Observer

Ephraim Ndlovu

Staff Reporter

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) supporters were on Friday allegedly attacked at Tiger Reef, Kwekwe by suspected Zanu-PF supporters as temperatures continue to rise ahead of polls next month.

Tiger Reef is a mining compound 12km from Kwekwe Central Business District and it falls under Silobela Constituency.

CCC parliamentary aspirant for Silobela Ephraim Ndlovu confirmed the alleged attacks on his supporters.

Ndlovu said the violence was only quelled following police intervention.

The parliamentary aspirant fingered a Zanu-PF PF Councillor in the ward identified as Chauke for being at the forefront of the attacks.

“We want to thank the Zimbabwe Republic Police at Amaveni Station for their efforts to quell the violence suffered by certain individuals of our party and those presumed to be our supporters. The said Zanu-PF Councillor Chauke led a group of people and conducted a ‘ door by door’ Gukurahundi on our supporters who stay at Tiger Reef, breaking windows and destroying their property. Our supporters and these victims made a report at Amaveni Police Station.

“We have noted the claim by the said Chauke that they were defending themselves, he is quick to forget that this is not a stone age era. His actions were under camera since morning, and their violent activities were a result of individuals who were being carried by trucks and dropped close to the route leading to the compound entrance,” he said.

Ndlovu said his party was not going to be deterred from campaigning in Tiger Reef.

“Sensing assured defeat, the said Chauke is now in a Gukurahundi mode, but he will lose. We are winning Ward 4. The people are ready to reject a Gukurahundi-like councilor and vote for our (CCC) candidate Kazimbuli ( Baba Jesus).

“We have confidence in the police and their processes for now. We are not going back on the mobilization of the Tiger Reef area, actually, it is our last battle before we win on 23 August 2023. We are coming up with more rallies and mobility strategies. We want a free Tiger Reef, and we want to build toilets for Tiger Reef people who do not have toilets,” he said.