Power crisis needs solution

Source: Power crisis needs solution – DailyNews Live

23 July 2019

EDITOR – In this era we should never be a country mourning about power
issues. The power crisis is affecting operations in almost every sector.
We need a holistic approach and to find a solution. Blaming the drought is
surely a lame excuse, when we know that Zesa Holdings doesn’t have the
money to pay for power imports.
Am also sure that power imports are not even viable for the long run
because they are expensive.

The government should probably give incentives to individuals and
industries who use alternative forms of power like solar and LP gas.
They should also be sincere with the frustrations of the public when they
cry foul over the issues of power.

If government doesn’t address this issue of power, I am certain that in
the next six months the national tree population will be reduced by a
significant margin. It is not by choice that people chop down trees, but
they will be just looking for cheaper alternatives for fuel.
We have an environment to protect and cutting down of trees for firewood
is just as bad.

Right now the major weakness we have is that the LP gas sector is
unregulated and the pricing is beyond the reach of many.
The government should tap into this sector and probably realise more
income tax and reduce pressure on demand for electricity.
From my understand if at least every household switches over to LP gas
then we have higher chances of reducing national demand for electricity.

These are some of the things that can solve our power crisis without even
the pressures of geography or economics. Imagine if government was to
assist in the importation of LP gas, and it is retailed at around $8/kg,
this would significantly reduce the demand for electricity. But it seems
we are stuck in medieval times in which we have to use electricity 24/7,
which is an expensive route.

Right now many accidents are occurring because traffic lights are not
working, but with solar traffic lights, we would save much more money on
Munashe Dube.


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    Mukanya 3 years ago

    Incentivising progressive individuals is not Zanu PF way of relieving the country off its ills which are man made but corrupting those individuals is!

  • comment-avatar
    Mukanya 3 years ago

    This article reminds me of the medieval discovery of pure diesel at the Chinhoyi Hills oil fields!!