President bids farewell to new ambassadors

Source: The Herald – Breaking news.

President bids farewell to new ambassadors 
President Mnangagwa shares a lighter moment with Ambassadors Jonathan Wutawunashe (Saudi Arabia), Stella Nkomo (India) and Taonga Mushayavanhu (United Nations, New York) during a send-off ceremony at State House in Harare yesterday. — Picture: Believe Nyakudjara

Wallace Ruzvidzo Herald Reporter

Zimbabwe’s new Ambassadors to the United Nations, India and Saudi Arabia  yesterday bade farewell to President Mnangagwa, with all three pledging to further the country’s interests on their tour of duty.

Ambassador Taonga Mushayavanhu has been deployed to the United Nations (UN), Ambassador Stella Nkomo will be representing the country in India while Ambassador Jonathan Wutawunashe will be in Saudi Arabia.

In an interview, following their closed door meeting with the President at State House, Amb Wutawunashe said there was plenty of potential between Zimbabwe and Saudi Arabia, which he had been charged by the President to go and exploit.

Since the advent of the Second Republic, Harare and Riyadh’s relations have grown in leaps and bounds.

The relations have culminated in Zimbabwe establishing an embassy there, with Ambassador Wutawunashe being the first resident envoy from Harare.

“I am privileged to go to a country that is of great importance and His Excellency the President has emphasised the importance of building strong relations with Saudi Arabia.

“There is so much potential for cooperation in many spheres and having the first resident Embassy in Saudi Arabia will now make it possible for us to explore more and to communicate more with potential investors, promote our tourism, people to people contacts and more connections in several areas, even those that I shall have to discover.

“I am quite sure that given the importance of Saudi Arabia and it being an old country, there is a lot that I will learn there. There are opportunities that may be hidden to me as I stand here, but they will definitely be very obvious when I get there,” he said buoyantly.

Amb Mushayavanhu said during his tenure, he would continue lobbying for Zimbabwe to get a non-permanent United Nations Security Council (UNSC) seat.

“Issues of Zimbabwe’s interest in joining the UN Security Council it’s a matter that we also want to be lobbying for the term of 2027 to 2028 so for us to be voted into the Security Council as a non-permanent member we have to be lobbying on a continuous basis so these are the issues that I will be seized with.

“At the United Nations, my team and I would want to accentuate Zimbabwe’s policies and positions on various issues that affect the world in the areas of peace and security, issues of disarmament, sustainable development and                                  you can associate that with Sustainable Development Goals, issues of climate change, the Kimberly Process and so forth.

“All these things we have to work on them together with other groups, issues of sanctions, for them to be removed we have to work with others to push that position.”

Amb Mushayavanhu then expressed gratitude to President Mnangagwa for his deployment saying it was a huge honour.

“I would like to thank His Excellency the President for entrusting me with this position to beambassador of Zimbabwe and Permanent Representative to the United Nations. This is an honour I do not take for granted,” he said.

Ambassador-designate Stella Nkomo said she would continue to consolidate the already existing cordial relations between Harare and New Delhi.

“Zimbabwe and India enjoy excellent relations and so much good work has already been done by my predecessors so my role is to deepen and consolidate that good work that already exists.

“We cooperate with India across various sectors; agriculture, health, industry and technology and those are the areas I am looking forward to making sure that we leverage on those so that we benefit as a country in line with His Excellency’s vision of an upper middle-income economy by 2030,” said Amb Nkomo.

She went on to thank President Mnangagwa for the recognition he had accorded her.

“I would like to thank His Excellency for such an honour and a privilege for me to serve at this level as his Ambassador to India,” said Amb Nkomo.