President endorses Africa Factbook

Source: President endorses Africa Factbook | The Herald

President endorses Africa Factbook
President Mnangagwa receives The Africa Factbook second draft from Professor Simbi Mubako at State House in Harare yesterday. — Picture: Tawanda Mudimu

Herald Reporter

PRESIDENT Mnangagwa yesterday endorsed the production of the Africa Factbook which captures the liberation struggle story, its trials, tribulations and triumphs.

The draft of the book, coordinated by the Institute of African Knowledge chaired by Ambassador Simbi Mubako, was presented to the President at State House and will be officially launched by the African Union chairperson and South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa later this year.

President Mnangagwa commended the efforts that were put towards the production of the book and the establishment of an African-themed museum.

“Zimbabwe supports the production of the first edition of Africa Factbook. We believe the team responsible for the production did a sterling job that for many generations to come will help in the revival of the African spirit and soul. I am happy to say that they are already well advanced in concluding the third draft which will be the final factbook,” said President Mnangagwa.

Speaking soon after handing over the final draft of the book, Ambassador Mubako said the project is a Pan African endeavour that aims to capture in an African perspective, the continent’s rich history.

“The project is now about to be finished and we asked the President together with the current Chairperson of the African Union, South African President Ramaphosa, to launch it. The book is about Africa and it will tell the history of Africa in brief from ancient times, from the days of slavery, covering Africans in the diaspora in America, North and South.

“The book is in three sections. The first part is historical, the second part is country specific, describing each country, features of the country, the geography, the history, the economy and many other things,” said Ambassador Mubako.

The factbook is meant to become a regional educational tool that enhances knowledge and the pride of African people.

The book was put up together in line with the African Union’s Pan African Vision Agenda 2063 and Aspiration Five which seeks to enhance the strong cultural identity, common heritage, values and ethics of Africa.

The Africa Factbook was conceived after the African Union Commission, which was then chaired by Dr Nkosazana Zuma, recommended that Zimbabwe lead the way in coming up with such a book after she had been impressed by the country’s celebrated African Book of Records.

The AU, after sending a delegation to assess the capacity of Zimbabwe to produce the book, declared and adopted the Africa Factbook as a reference educational tool for African nations.

The book is also supported by the Office of the President and Cabinet, Research Council of Zimbabwe, six ministries, the private sector and regional and international organisations.

Africa Factbook is a book that will generate knowledge for the continent and highlight Africa’s historical achievements, among other things.

The book, which will be produced by Zimbabwe with assistance from international and regional organisations, will be published in English, French, Portuguese and Arabic.