President invites 16 countries to museum

Source: President invites 16 countries to museum | The Herald

President invites 16 countries to museum

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President Mnangagwa has invited 16 countries to participate in the construction of the Museum of African Liberation (MAL) by submitting artefacts and helping in resource mobilisation.

This was revealed yesterday during the official launch of phase one of the construction of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Exhibition Park at the MAL premises in Warren Park, Harare.

State Security Minister Owen Ncube presided over the event.

“His Excellency President Mnangagwa has written to 16 of his colleagues and three groups of countries. 

“The first group is African countries that waged armed struggles to gain independence including Angola, Mozambique, South Africa and Guinea Bissau.

“The second group is African countries that did not necessarily wage an armed struggle, but were critical politically and diplomatically such as Tanzania, Zambia and Ghana. 

“The third group are non-African countries that supported the liberation struggle and we have three countries China, Russia and Cuba,” said Institute of African Knowledge (Instak) chief executive, Ambassador Kwame Muzawazi.

Ambassador Muzawazi added: “We were together in the trenches so let us be together at the final stage of the liberation struggle which is the preservation and documentation of the history.”

The museum is a continental project meant to document, preserve, protect and promote the continent’s liberation legacy. Service chiefs including Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) commander General Phillip Valerio Sibanda, Zimbabwe National Army commander Lieutenant-General David Sigauke and Air Force of Zimbabwe (AFZ) commander, Air Marshal Elson Moyo attended the event.


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    Dr Ace Mukadota PhD 2 years ago

    ZW’s comedy show rolls on comrades. My brother says he will arrive on the day this is opened with his mobile coffee cart to provide hor beverages and cakes etc.
    The Cubans will provide pamphlets on how to run a socialist country, Russians will show you how to make bombs AK47’s and Vodka and the Chinese will sell you a few more flip flops for 10 cents each. All will be happy in our contrived history.