Protest at Visit to London by Zimbabwean Minister – 8th November 2013

Media Notice from the Zimbabwe Vigil – 6th November 2013 

The Zimbabwe Vigil is to stage a demonstration outside the Royal Institute of International Affairs on Friday when the Zimbabwean Minister of Tourism, Walter Mzembi, speak at the Chatham House think tank.

Mzembi is thought to be the first Zimbabwean Minister to visit the UK since the rigged elections of 31st July which kept Mugabe in power.

Vigil Co-ordinator Rose Benton said: ‘Mzembi presents himself as the reasonable face of Mugabe’s Zanu-PF mafia. But he cannot distance himself from the ruination that Mugabe has brought upon Zimbabwe . . . the poverty, starvation, despair, the enslavement of the people to Chinese colonisers’.

Demonstrators will greet him with posters such as: ‘Who poisoned the elephants?’, ‘Who is destroying the forests?’ and ‘Who is stealing the diamonds?’

Date:                        Friday, 8th November 2013

Times:                     Mzembi is due to speak between 12.30 and 1.30 pm.

  The demonstration will take place from 12 noon to 1 pm.

Venue:                     The Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), 10 St James’s Square, London SW1Y 4LE

Nearest Stations:     Piccadilly, Green Park (Piccadilly line)

Contacts:                 Fungayi Mabhunu 07907 089 899, Rose Benton 07970 996 003, 07932 193 467.



  • comment-avatar
    Dharma Appavoo 9 years ago

    There would be no Mogabe if the foreign thieves were reasonable towards the natives.

    Those pathetic souls were nothing more than tattered bare-footed, unwashed, semi-starved troglodytes in their Homeland.

    Mogabe is the ONLY Leader throughout history that re-possessed territory from dishonest foreign Bullies.

    He then shipped them out of the country !

    Now they are like Jackals that howl throughout the night……disturbing the Public Peace. They crave to returm
    to Paradise with its Sunshine and Servants !

    NO WAY !
    ing Jackals

    • comment-avatar
      King William of Mashonaland 9 years ago

      @ dharma

      Uhhm, comrade – the f**king wheel hadn’t even been invented in Mashonaland when the British arrived. The ‘natives’ were hardly well-off pre-1890.

      And we haven’t been ‘shipped out of the country’ – we are well educated, well connected, funded and travelled. We will fight for compensation for the next 100 years. We have nothing to lose now – while you have everything to lose.

      • comment-avatar
        Dharma Appavoo 9 years ago

        The Chinese wore fine Silken garments and when they dined they used the most delicate Crockery.

        The Zimbabweans used the Wheel and Axle to build what is now known as the Zimbabwe Ruins.

        At that time the Europeans threw everything into one pot whenever they came home with edible roots or animal tissue………hence Hunter’s Pot” and “Potage” or “Soup”.
        They used animal horns as cups and bowls (“Horn of Plenty” and “Cornucopia”) and they wored a Bib to cope with the slop that fell onto their chests……thus came about the decorative Neck Tie and the more elaborate Cravat.

        Being well-educated and well-dressed does not entitle any person to be a Thief. Indeed, a Thief in Good Clothes is like a Gold Ring in a Pig’s Nose.

        You cannot be compensated for surrendering Land that you STOLE.

    • comment-avatar
      peter 9 years ago

      Oh no mate, Idi Amin did the same thing and actually forced people onto planes back and look at what happened to his country

    • comment-avatar

      Who are you trying to kid? You know in your heart what is right and what is wrong surely. No amount of words can justify Zanu’s behaviour. As far as “sunshine” and “servants” goes, there are plenty of other things in the west to enjoy. We don’t all need sunshine and servants you idiot.

  • comment-avatar
    William Doctor 9 years ago

    @ Dharma

    By ‘foreign thieves’ I assume you mean white Africans (?), citizens of your country – and protected by UN-stipulated human rights [to which Zimbabwe is a signatory]. Why are the Matabele not considered ‘foreign thieves’ when they only arrived in Zimbabwe in 1840?

    If by your logic white Africans are ‘foreigners’ – then please explain why other peoples in Zimbabwe are not also ‘foreign’? Remember that the ancestors of the Shona displaced the San, and so on.

    • comment-avatar

      the shona did not displace the san but merge with the san that’s why the shona language has some san words and or pronunciations if they never had relations marriage & trade those words would not have been there and shona would have been pure bantu and 100% mutually intelligible with Bemba(Zambia).

      as for white citizen yes any sensible person agrees that white Zimbabweans are citizens just as any sensible person can not agree with the former land ownership scheme.

  • comment-avatar
    Dharma Appavoo 9 years ago

    Walter Mzembi is sabotaging Mogabe.
    Simply by discussing the matter he is validating the Claims of Thieves.
    Zimbabwe does not have to account to any Foreigner.

    Mogabe is being attacked for being a Patriot and for re-possesing his Native Land.
    And for “kicking out the Thieves”.
    That must be the DATUM POINT for any discussion about Zimbabwe.

  • comment-avatar
    Chivulamapoti 9 years ago

    Shona are Interlopers, Colonists and very late to the Party – here’s the run down.

    San (Bantu) – Immamorial.
    Khoisan (Bushman) – 600-1100
    Kalanga (Great Zimbabwe) 1100-1200
    Manhumotapa – (Mutapa) 1200 – 1300
    Rowzi (Changamire)1300 -1500
    Nguni (Mfecane Dhlamini, Swazi)1400
    Zulu (Shaka)Mzilikazi defected.
    Ndebele – (Mzilikazi, Chewa)1700 -1800
    Shona (Venda Group) LATE ARRIVALS!
    Karanga, off-shoot of Kalanga.

    The last of the African Colonists, before the European C.J. Rhodes’ Britain and present day ZingZong China.

    The Zimbabwe cheShona came to prominence around 1900, breaking away from the Kalanga, Korekore and nDebele. Under Karanga Defector Chief, Chaminuka, we see the first Chimurenga (1896=7).
    Rudd Concession, BSAP Occupation and Livingstone’s, Victoria Falls.
    The rest is recent history, Britain comes, sees and conquers and rules the Victorian Dynasty until 1979, Lancaster Agreement, 1980 Zimbabwe!

    There is the timeline of Zimbabwe’s Colonists, not only the White Man!

    • comment-avatar
      Doris 9 years ago

      Brilliant!! Please put more enlightening comments in like that? Try the Herald!!

      • comment-avatar
        kumbi 9 years ago

        read history this is nonsense the kalanga and and karanga are the same and it is well known zezuru and manyika have been in north and east zim for over 900 years and they intermarry with khoisan that’s where u get the zv,svi,ty words that are not found in other bantu.

        while the karanga who built great zim are as shona as the zezuru that’s why one does not need a translator between zezuru AND KARANGA BECAUSE as the “zim” saying goes same fananna

    • comment-avatar
      kumbi 9 years ago

      lie all the great kings of monumutaa,Rozvi could speak karanga and upnorth manika and well documented by Lisbon explorers and even their names are the same as today karanga words the word shona is a recent words not the people

      by the way you have A wrong spelling for Rozvi.I am a Rozvi I know

      wrong facts lead to wrong information