Rapist terrorises own family

Source: Rapist terrorises own family | The Standard (Local News)

A 51 year-old widow from Ngozi Mine squatter camp in Bulawayo is living in fear of her son who is threatening to kill her for causing his arrest in 2016 after he raped her daughter.

Her son was released from jail in October last year.

Since his release from prison, the 29 year-old has allegedly been pestering his young sister, now in Form 3 to commit incest with him.

At one point, he allegedly thoroughly beat her with dry tree branches after she refused to sleep with him before disappearing, she said.

Since then, the widow and her daughter have been receiving death threats from him through text messages.

“There were days when we slept outside the house fearing that he may come and burn down the place as he is behaving like an animal since his release from prison,” she said.

“In 2016, he raped my daughter when she was 11 years old. Then he spent five years there and was released last year in October.”

According to the woman, she has since taken her daughter to a safe house in the neighbouring Cowdray Park suburb.

“My son got furious that the sisters had hidden the little sister from him. When he saw her the next morning, he beat her up using dry tree branches which he had gathered, boxed her and kicked her, threatening to kill her,” she said.

“Now he has been sending threatening messages saying we hit his ‘wife’ from him.

“In one of the texts, he says I must count my days, and I will die and leave his “wife” who is his younger sister.”

“We live in fear with our grandchildren as we don’t know his whereabouts.”

The matter was reported to the police.

The area village head Sithembile Ndlovu-Tshuma confirmed the incident before appealing for assistance.

“He has been threatening saying the young sister must pay and the mother should make a plan. They have sought refuge for the daughter elsewhere but this is not enough. The family needs assistance,” Ndlovu said.

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