Rapper pokes ED, Zanu PF

Source: Rapper pokes ED, Zanu PF – NewsDay Zimbabwe


SOUTH AFRICA-BASED Zimbabwean rapper and producer Titus “Mc Tytoh” Marume through his song titled Mbuya Nehanda has warned youths that they will likely inherit ruins as the leadership was not acting to promote their interests.

The song he described as a poetic open letter to President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the ruling party Zanu PF is off his 13-track album titled Lyriseason.

“Mbuya Nehanda is the title for the track which I penned as an open letter to the President and the leadership of the country with a sample from the liberation war chorus of the same title made popular by Harare Mambo Band post-independence,” he said.

Marume said the song was meant to evoke a sense of guilt or responsibility in our leadership.

“As an underground emcee it is my privilege to address and encourage social consciousness. We are going through a lot as a nation and the masses who are at the bottom of the food chain,” he said.

“We are feeling the pinch and what I talk about in Mbuya Nehanda is an open secret, people talk about it behind closed doors because we have lived through fear and intimidation from our political leaders.”

He said youths should speak out if they are to avoid taking over a ruined country.

“One day we will inherit the ruins of a country if we don’t die before the politicians because we can’t afford basic healthcare and food. If our leaders have a conscience then their nights must be sleepless, this is the clear message of the song,” he said.

Marume said the track had received good response as it spoke for the oppressed.

“The socially conscious are applauding it (song), but still what more can a couple of bars and punchlines do to change the world? We need people to echo the message maybe that way it might be heard,” he said.

“The response has been what I expected and more, I like to describe it as an honest piece of art. Besides Mbuya Nehanda, another track speaking bitter truth is Radio Killed Hip-Hop featuring Curtis Mack from Soweto where we mention how good artistes have been lost to clout and mediocrity because they are forced to censor their style and content just to be relevant.”

He said he produced the album with King Krued, Elemental Force and Viper Beatz.

“I recorded, mixed and mastered all the songs. The album is officially out and will be available on all platforms including hard copies on February 1,” he added.