Remember those media freedoms . . .

Source: Remember those media freedoms . . . – The Zimbabwean

What unfolded at State House when I was briefly detained by CIOs
A thread by @violetgonda

Violet Gonda

Journalists had been called back to cover the closing session of the meeting between ED/Govt and the business community. I was livestreaming, like several other journos. We had been authorized to do so.

To get into State House grounds we went through 2 security check points and I was cleared at both.

For my story, I talked to Kuda Tagwirei (implicated in allegations of state capture), Kindness Paradza and RBZ Gov Mangudya when a CIO confronted me & asked for my accreditation. I was livestreaming the Mangudya interview & did not have it on me had also left my ID with security

He marched me into a room at State House, and ordered me to switch off my phone, which I was using to record my interviews. He grabbed my phone, stopped the broadcast and switched off my phone.

They ordered me to sit down while 3 of them stood over me and interrogated me.

After being scolded by the CIO they let me go. Up to now I do not know what this was about or why I was targeted.

I did not violate any security protocols nor behave differently from other journalists at the event.

That such blatant intimidation can happen at State House during a business forum should concern all Zimbabweans interested in freedom of information and accountable leadership.


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    Chime 4 years ago

    Journalists should always have their accreditation cards always cause how can one authenticate who you are if you don’t have your accreditation card