Report illegal activities: Zanu PF 

Source: Report illegal activities: Zanu PF | The Herald

Report illegal activities: Zanu PF
Cde Godwills Masimirembwa

Ivan Zhakata

Herald Correspondent

Zanu PF Harare Province has disassociated itself from people who are abusing the revolutionary party’s name to engage in illegal activities when they are not bona fide party members.

The party said it was aware that land and space barons were illegally parcelling out land under the guise of Zanu PF and in the process putting its name into disrepute. This has resulted in most people in Harare losing their properties through demolitions of illegal settlements built on undesignated areas including greenways, wetlands, road sides and road servitudes.

Speaking at a recent meeting at the Zanu PF Harare Provincial headquarters, chairman for Zanu PF Harare Province Cde Godwills Masimirembwa said they were aware of people who were conducting illegal activities under the name of the party.

“We as a province have basically dissociated ourselves from illegal activities such as land and space barons. We are appealing to the ordinary persons that if they need any assistance from the party, we are here for them but otherwise they should report anyone including, if there is any perceived party member who is involved in these illegal activities to law enforcement agents.

“We are appealing to the hearts and minds of the people that the New Dispensation wants order in Harare. It wants to serve the people of Harare. Service delivery is going to be improved, more jobs are being created and so forth so the recruitment exercise is based on the achievements of the New Dispensation in terms of improving the livelihoods of the people of Harare.”

Cde Masimirembwa said the party was aware of people’s concerns about access to decent shelter and also income generating projects.