Residents demand devolution funds accountability

Source: Residents demand devolution funds accountability – NewsDay Zimbabwe


KAROI residents are demanding transparency and accountability in the disbursement of devolution funds allocated to their local authority.

This was after residents heard that council received $3,1 million for devolution and bought equipment without consulting stakeholders.

The residents’ association said it was not satisfied with the way the money was expended.

Karoi Residents Trust (Karest) director Travo Chiwanga said: “We need transparency and accountability on devolution funds, especially on how they are used.”

Trymore Chinembiri, the Karest chairperson, said citizens had a right to demand accountability from councils so that the public institutions gain public trust.

“Devolution funds are residents’ money.  We are not denouncing council by demanding transparency and accountability. We are merely asking council to account for its actions,’’ Chinembiri said.

Council chairperson Abel Matsika promised to engage residents on how devolution funds would be used in the future.