RG denies allegations against him 

Source: RG denies allegations against him | The Herald December 12, 2018

RG denies allegations against himMr Masango

Nyemudzai Kakore and Columbus Mabika
Registrar-General Mr Clemence Masango yesterday denied allegations of sexual harassment raised against him while he was still principal director in the Immigration Department. Mr Masango was responding to allegations made by one of his former directors Mr Nkosana Mtunzi during a Press conference yesterday that he was guilty of several issues such as sexual harassment, labour malpractices and selective employee transfers.

The Zimbabwe Gender Commission on Monday set up a committee to conduct hearings into allegations of sexual harassment by Immigration Department officials on a case reported by its former employees. “I would like to make it clear and set the record straight with regards to the allegations of sexual harassment. I was informed and given 14 days’ notice to appear before a Gender Commission. I have nothing to hide or fear, so as per the communication from the commission tomorrow (today), I will appear before them to testify,” he said in written responses to The Herald.

“On my appointment, firstly I did not appoint myself, neither was I the appointing authority. The appointing authority was the President. He has been appointing me on merit over the years.”

Mr Mtunzi told a poorly attended Press conference that Mr Masango did not deserve to be appointed the RG because of his “rotten” track record in the civil service. However, officials at the Immigration Department said Mr Mtunzi’s issue could be a case of sour grapes.