Runaway murderer threatens bloodshed 

Source: Runaway murderer threatens bloodshed | The Herald April 26, 2019

Runaway murderer threatens bloodshed

Prosper Dembedza Herald Correspondent
A Harare murder suspect, who last month reportedly shot and killed his wife and brother-in-law at their Gletwin home following a protracted marital dispute, is threatening to kill all those he suspects of having had extra-marital affairs with his wife, Olivia Zenda.

A statement obtained from the police states that Petros Pomborokani, who is in hiding, has been threatening to kill several people using international cellphone numbers.

“At present moment, Pomborokani is threatening several people with death using South African and United Kingdom lines whom he is suspecting of extra-marital affairs with Zenda,” reads the statement.

Following the crime, Pomborokani (50), a former Ministry of Health and Child Care official, immediately went into hiding and is being hunted down by the police.

He shot his wife and brother-in-law Robert Zenda (49) in front of his three children, mother-in-law, a relative and a housemaid, with a CZ pistol at around 7am on March 26.

The couple had been married for 20 years and has four children aged 19, 12, 10 and eight.

Police recovered the pistol’s two loaded magazines at the crime scene.

Investigations carried by The Herald reveal that Pomborokani was arrested in 2016 for kidnapping gospel singer Mathias Mhere.

He accused Mhere of having an extra-marital affair with his wife.

Pomborokani made his wife to phone Mhere, inviting him to the couple’s home.

When the musician arrived the couple’s house, Pomborokani pointed a firearm at him.

He allegedly forced Mhere and his wife to remove their clothes and held them hostage naked for five hours.

Pomborokani was arrested and appeared before a Harare magistrate who convicted him.

He was fined US$150 or three months in prison.

Pomborokani also had two other cases of physical abuse that were reported against him by his wife at Highlands Police Station.