SA minibus operators demand Beitbridge border opening 

Source: SA minibus operators demand Beitbridge border opening – NewsDay Zimbabwe


SOUTH African minibus operators have blocked Beitbridge border, South African side, in an effort to arm-twist the Zimbabwean government into opening its side of the border.

The minibus and taxi operators are demanding that the border should be open for everyone, and keeping it closed is crippling their source of livelihood.

Although SA opened its land borders on February 15, the Zimbabwean border has remained closed in fear of a new Covid-19 variant reportedly originating from SA.

The blockade effected early morning, cut of road links between the two countries whose borders remained open for essential service vehicles.

Roads were barricaded using vehicles, blocking all traffic including essential service providers.

Trucks carrying essential goods for the region passing through Zimbabwe are stuck at Beitbridge.