Sakunda and the COVID-19 facility of shame 

The news that in the wake of this pandemic that has affected everyone, Sakunda Holdings has created an exclusive COVID-19 facility only for the elite and well-heeled in Mt Pleasant is an indictment on Mr Mnangagwa, Kuda Tagwirei, Obadiah Moyo and the entire government.

Source: Sakunda and the COVID-19 facility of shame – The Zimbabwean

It is grossly unacceptable that the politically connected could have an exclusive facility while everyone else remains exposed to the under-funded and under-supported national facilities. These are trying times for everyone and we must all have access to the same facilities without discrimination. This exclusive Mt Pleasant facility is a potential source of instability because the entire nation is exposed to the same dire threat that knows no race, tribe, region or political party card.

That COVID-19 supplies donated by Jack Ma’s Alibaba Foundation are being diverted to this exclusive facility is not only criminal but also grossly inhuman.

No one must profiteer or personally benefit from this grave situation, to which we are all equally exposed.In other countries, private players are coming on board to assist everyone but here the plan was always to discriminate and to leave room for cronyism.

The madness must stop because we have a serious national challenge on our hands. Resources must be channeled towards facilities that help everyone.

In any case, a company of Sakunda’s ilk, which benefits millions of US dollars from tax payer’s money in countless murky  projects must be remorseful and should be channelling a lot into the well-being of the citizen in these trying times.

This is no time for cronyism and cheap political games. Human lives are at sta