Econet Wireless Zimbabwe launches 4G network

via VictoriaFalls24 – Econet Wireless Zimbabwe launches 4G network

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has marked the joint hosting by Zimbabwe and Zambia of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) general assembly by launching one of Africa’s first Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks. The LTE will be launched in the resort town of Victoria Falls, where the assembly will be held from August 24 to 29.

The new technology, which is still not available in most European and Asian countries, is also known as “4G” and allows the fastest mobile Internet speeds possible on a cell phone.

Commenting on the launch of the service, Econet Wireless CEO Mr Douglas Mboweni said the hosting of the tourism event was an opportunity to show the world that Zimbabwe “is not dead and buried; we are very much alive, and we have kept pace with developments in the world.”

Mr Mboweni said that his group of companies, which includes sister companies Liquid Telecom and ZOL, have invested heavily in ensuring that telecommunications services in Victoria Falls are world class.

Meanwhile, Mr Mboweni has said that work is already in progress to launch 4G in the major cities, including Harare.

“The business community in Zimbabwe uses our network almost exclusively, and we have a duty to ensure that they have the most advanced services available,” said Mr Mboweni.

EconetEconet Wireless was one of the first operators in Africa to launch 3G well before countries like India and Nigeria. As a result, Zimbabwe was recently declared by the GSMA to be the country with the highest percentage of Internet access by cell phone in the world, at just over 58% of all Internet users in the country.



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    jongwe power 11 years ago

    What good is a 4G network when it takes up to 30 min to even load up Google in an URBAN area?

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    eztechplc 11 years ago

    Its a good marketing strategy…..while econet has done much to create jobs (vending of sims and juice cards), she is milking Zimbabweans. The rates are to high, compared to rates in the region; lacks ethics (Telcel saga); and specialises hugely in trial (4G technology for what instead of improving accessibility)

    Of interest, econet started policing telecel, disadvantaging their customer who wanted to call their relative on Telcel and vice versa. I bought a Telcel line out of such cohesion and learnt telecel is cheaper after all.

    Until econet learns good business ethics, it would be a good idea to slow down on their products in the same manner as Vodacom of RSA, Netone of Zimbabwe and Zabg bank of Zimbabwe learnt the lessons

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    jongwe power…u r so ryt…gore page ichivhura, so therz nuting to celebret

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    Am proud of U Econet, U bring world class service to our impoverished nation, keep the good work. Those who criticize do not not know the benefits of 4G Network.

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    Njalo 11 years ago

    Strive Masiyiwa has got what it takes to make meaningful change.
    Come on Strive, give Zimbabwe a better television service.

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    good work. when will it be there in small towns like Beitbridge