Kumbirai Kangai Died After Leaking ZANU-PF Top Secrets

via Zimeye – Kumbirai Kangai Died After Leaking ZANU-PF Top Secrets

By Terrence Mathuthu

Top Mugabe confidante and former Cabinet Minister, Kumbirai Kangai’s death comes barely 10 months after he began revealing top ZANU PF war secrets including circumstances surrounding the death of former ZANLA boss Herbert Chitepo, it has emerged. Revelations brought into the opened by Kangai have cast a shadow on President Robert Mugabe’s ZANU PF’s role in the liberation struggle against the party’s own claims recorded in history books.

Kangai became the first ZANU-PF war veteran to pull the lid on the real reasons for the deaths of masses of comrades. Commented ZimEye columnist Herbert Mugwagwa on Kangai’s latest utterances:

Is Kangai Zimbabwe’s Julian Assange?

“The Kumbirai Kangai interview in The Sunday Mail(October 18-24 2012) was quite as revealing as it was intriguing. Kangai is a real veteran politician who chooses his words deliberately and its good to note that his memory of events of the liberation is still good but tends to sanitize certain issues.

“Whilst we are always told how heroic our boys fought at the Chinhoyi battle of 1966, Kangai is the only one who tells the truth about the poor and shoddy preparations how they ‘were bombed ….all wiped out.’ He reveals how poorly organised ZANU was and sometimes they sent people to the front with pistols only and at times with no ammunition! No wonder the heavy casualties on their side and the fact that it took too long to liberate the country. He definitely tells the truth when he says when Chitepo was killed members of Dare reChimurenga were arrested but does not state that it was after Kenneth Kaunda had set up an international Commission of Inquiry composed of 13 neutral African nations who investigated and found them guilty!

“They were released only after Robert Mugabe had stated that he would not attend the Geneva Conference without them. From Geneva, fearing re-arrests in Zambia, they went to execute the struggle from Mozambique. Prior to Chitepo’s death, ZANU had demanded the withdrawal of his Zambian bodyguards and replaced them with their ‘intrusive’ ones.

“We don’t know yet the cause of his death but we suspect it might be a heart attack. It is a sad hour for Zanu-PF and the people of Zimbabwe,” said ZANU PF spokesman Rugare Gumbo on Saturday as he officially confirmed the ZANLA war cadre’s death sparking wild speculation that there might have been foul play leading to Kangai’s death.



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    Hango Yapalala 11 years ago


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      munya 11 years ago

      u guys should be serious, so it now means that every politician dying in Zimbabwe now would have been killed. These promiscuous politicians are dying of AIDS and HIV. Please please “TSVAGAI CHIKONZERO CHAITA KUTI MUSORO UTEME. KWETE KUSHINGIRIRA KUKWENYA MHOPO IRI PAMUSANA IVO VANE ZISO RINE MBONJE.”

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        adam jones 11 years ago

        either way, they are getting finished – one after another and for that we thank god.

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    Rudadiso 11 years ago

    Why can’t people be honest for once? Kumbirai Kangai died of aids.

    Indeed he was knowledgeable regarding the goings on of his murderous party but it’s difficult to see what secrets he revealed by reading this article.

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    chekenyere 11 years ago

    we all know that Kangai saved Mugabe, if he had not sold out Mugabe would have been replaced as ZANU supremo in 1978.Dzinashe Machingura can shed more light on that.
    I am not privy to his medical records but one thing for certain is that aids in no longer a direct killer disease, there are advanced interventions out there to manage aids. Let us desist from being too judgmental.
    asi wafa Wanaka !!!!

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    aids inouraya, aids ishamwari yemari yekuba-chibage chiya kangai-kune wakafa kare nenzara saka nhasi tinochemei

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    Vanopera chete dictators…..

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    zvavharwa 11 years ago

    Munyori mahsaya

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    clido 11 years ago

    every one is bound to die at one point in time so i dont see what the fuss is about.after all he was 75 years old, who said he was going to live up to eternity. musatsvage muroyi asipo play haters

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    nyasha 11 years ago

    Where is the secret this is general knowledge stupid reporting

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    Bazour Wa Kumuzi 11 years ago

    No revelation from this article. I agree that he died of a desease be it heart failure or aids but he was indeed a Zanu/Zanla veteran.

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    Meet the meat, rushinga 11 years ago

    Rest in peace cmrd i really appretiate job wel done!

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    mutakura 11 years ago

    This is journalism which has gone to the gutters. Where are the secrets? An amateur reporter!

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    Joel Nyamamhini 11 years ago

    This journalist is mad. Where are the ‘top Zanu pf secrets’ he leaked. I don`t see that in this article.

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    Mukoma Fads 11 years ago

    The tragedy in Zimbabwe today is people who are full of hate, people who strive to put the country in bad light. Some of these papers are created to give the impression that nothing is good in Zimbabwe, but we know the source of such hate language, the purveyors of doomsday news for our country are the same regime change merchants who have tried for the past thirteen years to recreate a neo-colonial state status for Zimbabwe.
    Kangai died at the time God prescribed his death, now for someone to suggest that his death is linked to the interview he gave last year is the height of idiotic conspiracy. You can only get such stories from British /American paid propagandists.

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    yemukono 11 years ago

    Its God’s case no appeal kangai was old enough