Zanu (PF) wants Diasporas back home

via The Zimbabwean – Zanu (PF) wants Diasporas back home

Zanu (PF) is urging Zimbabweans who left the country for greener pastures and other reasons, to return home ‘since the situation has normalised following the recent Zanu (PF) landslide victory at the harmonised elections’.

Millions of Zimbabweans fled the country beginning end of the 1990s, when the country’s economy assumed a down turn and lives of MDC supporters were endangered by Zanu (PF) and partisan security service members.

The majority of them crossed the Limpopo into South Africa while others went abroad to countries such as the United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia and Canada among others.

Following announcement of election results by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission recently, Zanu (PF) spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo, told The Zimbabwean in a telephone interview that, there was no longer any reason for Zimbabweans to continue living outside the country.

He said results of the election had silenced the MDC and brought to an end all political bickering. “Peace and tranquility has returned to the country following the Zanu (PF) landslide victory. There is no more troublesome GNU arrangements and Zimbabweans in the Diaspora should return home and help develop the country,” said Gumbo.

Gumbo said the Zimbabwe economy had space for the returnees and will facilitate their participation in the country’s economic activity.

Experience and exposure gained by Diasporas was described as invaluable in Zimbabwe’s bid to regain its position as a regional economic power house.

Some Diasporas who had returned to the country to cast their vote vowed never to return to Zimbabwe with Zanu (PF) clinging on to power. They said Zanu (PF) caused untold suffering to the people resulting in some of them taking flight.

Political analyst, Rejoice Ngwenya, said people fled Zimbabwe starting 1999 when violation of human rights by Zanu (PF) was at its peak. Ngwenya said the same perpetrators of the violence were announced as the election winners and it would be difficult for Zanu (PF) to fool Diasporas into returning home. He described the ‘come home message’ by Zanu (PF) as a wild clarion call by perpetrators of violence who were desperately seeking political relevance.

“Zanu (PF) government should put its economic policies in order and activate industry before urging Diasporas to return home,” said Ngwenya. He said Diasporas cannot be asked to return home, but have to be attracted back by a conducive economic, social and political environment.

Ngwenya described the recent calls by President Robert Mugabe and Zanu (PF) for cancelling of Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority bills as a recipe for investor flight. Expropriation of profits from companies such as Zimplats and parceling them to non-shareholders, under the guise of indigenisation was also cited as one of the reasons why investors will not come to Zimbabwe any time soon.

Economic analyst, Eric Bloch, said there was no need for Zanu (PF) to urge Diasporas to return home, since they will willingly do so as the economy shows signs of recovery. Block told The Zimbabwean that any unplanned return of Diasporas would worsen the already desperate economic crisis, as the returnees would join the over 85 percent jobless people.

“Only a few Diasporas with essential skills lacking in the economy would find something beneficial to do in the meantime. Our situation does not look like capable of creating employment soon,” said Bloch. He said unless there is a major foreign investment into Zimbabwe, the economy will not create any jobs. “No foreign investment will come into Zimbabwe if there are no attractive investment policies.”

South Africa based chairperson for Zimbabwe Exiles Forum, Gabriel Shumba, could not be reached for comment.



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    tanyara muchatiguta 11 years ago

    Hatifi takadzoka kusvika mafa

  • comment-avatar
    nesbert majon 11 years ago

    Kudzoka kupi patakaenda ndimi makambotituma. Kudzokera iko kamudhara kakaba maelections kari iko katakambotiza. As long as karipo we dont come back.

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    Nedziwe Rudo Kenneth 11 years ago

    Going back to cholera towns and cities, where there is no cleaan drinking water, energy is unreliable, roads full of ptholes,health and education systems are compromised.No never, no in a thousand years. We will visit relatives.

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    Tsuro Magen'a 11 years ago

    Tichadzoka kanamafa Gushungo..we are no longer used to stay under a North Korea/Burma set up were you get arrested for talking about your evilness and we get drilled on ZBC “a-day-a day” with songs praising Ngwazi, Life President. You are a disgrace old man…the truth shall surely come out…rinemanyanga haripitirwe.

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    Collin Mackenzie 11 years ago

    Im going back home is best I love my Zimbabwe with or without sugar

    Heeehee no MDC a better better life and the skills gained is an investment on it’s own

    Im waiting for the call
    Zimbabwe here I come, its the best thing ever
    Good call Zanu PF , we did not leave because of Zanu PF its to enhance our skills to be able to put back Ian Smith gave us nothing not even roads
    He gave us a Zimbabwe with strip road for all I know and that is so true unlike the Afrikaaners they built South Africa and are still living in Sa

    Where are the Rodies stool and ran, Britain under Blair was the worst thing in the UK
    Magie was great an true to her word
    Now the same British have dumped MDC and lied to them gave them false promises hence they think the elections we’re rigged

    Whatva pitty the sigins where all over Zimbabwe that MDC was lossing even survey show Mdc with only 40% of votes last year an now you cry foul.

    • comment-avatar
      super mondo 11 years ago

      if you are in doiaspora which i dont think you are ,i hope you enjoy your return as we dont want zanoids here.

      • comment-avatar
        tadzungaira 11 years ago

        who are you to say you don’t need zanoids?

        • comment-avatar
          Rwatata 11 years ago

          I am what I am and telling all zanoids to go back Zimba, Rugare Gumbo wants you!

          • comment-avatar
            Collin Mackenzie 11 years ago

            Rawata you being silly now relax and enjoy your fake life in SA.
            You think you living yet you even scared to call yourself Zimbabwean an call yourself Zulu coz you so so fake, tell they start getting ride of you and you shall loss all that little junk an car you got on credit
            Say all you want Zimbabwe is your home.
            And like it or you shall go back dead or alive I hope alive to see the progress and then you die.

    • comment-avatar
      Diego Zhaba 11 years ago

      @ Collin,It’s not about MDC my dear. It’s about issues that have for decades affected us as a people. We want our democratic freedom, we want our space. We dont’t want iron fist rule. We want good governance. We want a government that is accountable, transparent, a government that is answerable to the people who put them in power. Not a government that is repressive, full of greed people who are self centred, busy looting the country’s resources depriving it’s own people of what is rightfully theirs.

      A government that thrives on purging it’s own people, a government that negates the economic and social well being of it’s own people. A system that is intolerant to constructive criticism, a system that only seeks to silence critical people by enticing them to join the ranks. A system that has created a clique of the untouchable, of a class that is miles apart from the rest reducing the bulk of the people into beggars, to roam the streets – what a shame. And another five years digging deeper into the murky waters? A system that is too patisan that resources to include land and all are shared among family members.

      We fought together in the liberation struggle and like Tongogara’s vision we wanted to live together and seek for compatibility despite being black, blue or white. It was a revolution that sought to build the economy, the social being and drive the political will of the people despite being Ndebele, Shona, Kalanga, Tonga, English or whatever. This was not to be, but a system that has build barriers, impediments and created animosty, divisions, murderers,thieves and all forms of vices.

      My heart bleeds for Zimbabwe. It’s a land of plenty but it’s the “chosen few” who are mandated to exploit the rest. They bring in their close allies from outside the country to exploit the resources to their own benefit. Look at how China is looting these resources. Hapana chisingaperi, a revolution is building from beneath.

    • comment-avatar
      Chara 11 years ago

      Collin Mackenzie don’t wait for the call just go back. I was a teacher in Zimbabwe and the money I earned couldn’t buy a 2 litre bottle of cooking oil but now I’m picking fruits on the farms in SA and I earn far more more than the average teacher is earning right now. Saka ndodzokera chii. Once Zimta approached Mugabe about their conditions of service and he said he was surprised he didn’t know that his farm workers earn better salaries than the teachers. Mudhara anowoneregwa uyu.

      • comment-avatar
        Collin Mackenzie 11 years ago

        Which school did you teach at?
        And when was that?

        Teaching was your chose and if don’t get paid well, move on look for something that pays you well an you will be happy.
        Teachers all over the world are ripped off and that’s my view and hey its an unfair world one gets to live better and earn more than their masters
        I always go back and pay tribute to my teachers who I respect a lot
        Teaching is like charity or even a church its a calling and big ups to you for empowering our kids and one you will be rewarded, the more you give the more you shall get, so I say keep doing the great work.

        Working is so old fashioned trust me I want to rule and slave those whites for me its pay back time they getting the creation of the racist two faced treatment they gave out
        And my views will never change I rather have no lights than a fake white in my hood.

        On the other hand I agree seeing no street lights walking in the dark in the city’s is not good.
        Is a shame MDC had the chance to show us what they made of just like DA in CapeTown
        They lost it, better the fool I know rather than the idiot I don’t know
        But yooh guys Morgan is so fake and is so clueless can MDC put someone else please or even better another party
        Why MDC do we not have a choice
        For me Zanu PF is the real deal rigged or not.

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    Qiniso 11 years ago

    If truth is to be told, 70% of people in diaspora will have voted Zanu PF if the opportunity was availed. The majority of those people don’t have documents and as long as Zanu Pf is in power, the host countries have no reason to deport them.

  • comment-avatar
    Diego Zhaba 11 years ago

    You denied these people their democratic right to vote and why a call for them to return? It’s risk and highly unpredictable. Coming back to a murderous regime? Muchabvunzwa kwamaive, muchiitei. The C10 are waiting for that. Should look at yourselves introspectively rather than make a blantant call for people to come back.

    What made people leave the country in the first place? What has changed now that will lure people to come back? Surely whoever is making this call must have lost his or her mind. It has to be by choice for people to return.

  • comment-avatar
    super mondo 11 years ago

    iam sure zuma would love to get rid of the zims in sa.but those in the diaspora will never trust mugabe or zanu,,they have families to assist so they will not return ,,,gumbo if you need brains in zimbabwe to build the country you should not have rigged the election ,,the diaspora are not returning to give you an easy ride .

  • comment-avatar
    muchadura chette 11 years ago

    this is unbelievable they should have advised us to go home and vote or allowed us vote from our foreign hideouts

  • comment-avatar
    gibon 11 years ago

    I came here in the diaspora to learn new skills and exposure to the state-of-the-art in technology, and now I have it and ready to unleeeasssshhhh my tech-tech Zimbabwe, whether Mugabe or Tsvangson, whatever.

  • comment-avatar
    ZANU YAORA 11 years ago

    I never thought Gumbo is such a moron, most people left when your MAFIA group was in total control of the distraction of the economy, with your stupid war cabinet made up of all the moronic doctors and professors of something or that, PHD holders and all sots of degrees. All they achieved 500billion % inflation. ridiculars! You want us to come back to be abused with your little yellow men from China and earn paultry $2/day!! You are such a fool.You have a much bigger problem to deal with those home without us compounding the problem, unotidii, you have 85% unemployment, why not deal with those first, they surely need the jobs more urgently than we do? You want us to come back with the little we have worked hard for, only for Gono-ria to pound on it and give us mazitye in the form of the Zim$ re-incannet. We have not forgotten you know? Some of us had 20yrs pension gone down the drain never received a single cent for all our toiling for all those years, we came here and started all over. NO WAY IN HELL!! Give us as Zims our dignity first built a professional police and army first that respects citizens not the Mafia militia you have were the week are trodden on with no legal protection at all. You are just a jock to say the least!!! MORON!!

    • comment-avatar
      Diego Zhaba 11 years ago

      @ZANU YAORA,You have said it all. Kusanyara madhara aya. Where do they get the courage to say this. They cannot even show remorse for what they have done.

  • comment-avatar
    Tickie 11 years ago

    Would they then pay us our Pension that were stopped in 2001 as well as all the back payments, people would need a lot of finance to go back and live in Zimbabwe a country that whoever lived there, loved.

  • comment-avatar
    Takaz 11 years ago

    Gumbo anogwara uyu………ndiwe wakambotiunza kuno??? U may have cheated the elcetions but certainly you not cheat the economy. Lets see you triping yourselves with your empty promises

  • comment-avatar

    Gumbo should tell his grandmother to return.We have better lives in the diaspora.You destroyed our lives and we have no faith in the devil call ZPF.Never trust these thieves and rigmasters.

  • comment-avatar
    Clayton Tapiwa 11 years ago

    Gumbo should call back his children to come back because he has stolen enough for them.Leave us alone we are grown ups who knows what made us to flee the country.

  • comment-avatar

    Rugare Gumbo, umise shaya dzakaunyana uchitaura matuzvi akadaro. In the first place, I ran away from kadhara kako, kanzwa neProstrate Cancer, kasingadi kupa vamwe kuti vatongewo, neZANU PF. What has changed now, for us to come back? Your regime destroyed my 20 years of working pension because of 231m % inflation, an attempt to claim it from the Pension fund,shocked me as they will calculate it using infationary figures prevailing in 2008, and you will get peanuts. Now Rugare in his sanity or non of it opens his stinking mouth to call back Zim diasporans to come back because ZPF, ZEC – Rita, Mudede and NIKUV have rigged the election suppressing the majority of Zimbo’s will.
    I will only visit relatives from time to time, otherwise for as long as ZPF is in rigged power, only my dead body will be there eternally because ndokune rukuvhute gwangu.

  • comment-avatar
    jongwe power 11 years ago Diasporans MUST come back home…you get to share 51% of the wealth. Yes! 51% of the moolah! Also, you know how to magically transform Zimbabwe into a powerhouse that rivals South Africa. Right? Every day you spend making a comfortable wage in a firm or selling DVDs on the street (depending on your circumstances), you are destroying the glorious Revolution which Zanu-PF says is for our freedom from Bush, Blair, the Illuminati, and the Tokoloshe that the Patriot tabloid always talks about.

    Just come home already, for the love of God! Do it for Mbuya Nehanda’s sake.

  • comment-avatar
    Tsholotsho South 11 years ago

    Where is he going to get health food for us from? We need clean tap water first

  • comment-avatar
    NEVER AGAIN 11 years ago

    I think there is something definitely wrong with Zanu PF. If the party trully values the skills of the citizens who leave in exile and want to tap into them, then the first strategy is to include those ‘diaspora’ into the country’s overall re-development program including participation in the new legislature and the national elections. By denying foreign based Zimbaweans the right to vote, Zanu PF violated SADC’s “Guidelines on the Conduct of Democratic Elections”. Mr Gumbo, we are now too groomed into such policies that a return to a country like yours is the last thing on our minds. Zimbabwe is a rogue state with no rule of law since 2000. What has changed now? 5 more years of rhetoric with no bread and butter on the table. This is the most nonsensical peace of news that I have ever heard in years. I was making plans to return, but since Zanu PF has won the elections, this will not happen.
    Personally, I will come back to Zimbabwe in a coffin for burial!!

  • comment-avatar
    John Mzokomba 11 years ago

    Zvimwe ndezvimwe,dai vanhu vaiziva kugona kwa Gushungo pahupenyu hwemu Zimbabwean, well respected everywhere,hamaisamborutsa nokuti wese akadzidza is heavily equipped to start his or her business back home.Nyangwe diaspora ikaramba still muchauya muri zvitunha tichingoitavo body viewing tichicherera.Makaita basa makasara makatichengetera nyika tichindowedzera ruzivo zvino tava kudzoka .Wakabva kuivhu re Zimbabwe naizvozvo takakumirira kuti uri simudzire.Let’s unite guys we have an overflow of experience to boost Zim Economy.Yes we coming home

  • comment-avatar
    adam jones 11 years ago

    Given all the suffering among some zimbos in the diaspora, non will heed this gumbo call. Tells you how horrible zanu is. Vachafa tichadzoka.

  • comment-avatar
    Freedom 11 years ago

    All of you who are saying Zim here we come, I hope you have capital to start your own businesses. ZANU Pf will not give anything to anyone who is not directly linked to them. Ask yourself this question, when ZANU started the empowerment thing, how many ordinary zimbabweans benefited. I was there in Zim, we had a youth empowerment project that we started. We contacted kasukuwere’s office for a loan and we were turned away. Hupfumi kuvadiki a ZANU pf youth group got projects and money. You have to understand that if you get something from ZANU make sure you are prepared to be forced to attend ralies and galas

  • comment-avatar
    jongwe power 11 years ago

    So just attend the boring rallys, swallow the canned slogans, and throw in some populist jargon in your everyday speech. You’ll (probably) live longer, and if you’ve got the crooked spirit, you can even thrive. That is until the government decides to “indigenise” the fruit of your labour. But then again, who are you, an Uncle Tom, to complain when your elders voted for the glorious Comrade Mugabe?

  • comment-avatar

    i will not return even in death my family is settled and why disturb them. i now have 2 of my kids with degrees and good jobs and my business is a great sucess. garai nemadiamonds enyu-mbwa

  • comment-avatar
    Nomsa Go 11 years ago

    Only my dead body will come bak to Zim forever I can never be able to adjust to hate language starting from the president , criminal activities n rotten justice system, no electricity no water, public places too dirty, 95% unemployment , no local currency, general no respect for humanity aiwa ZANU PF garai nenyika yenyu vamwe zvakatotiitira diaspora.

    • comment-avatar
      Collin Mackenzie 11 years ago

      Nomsa Go

      Shame Byo is waiting for you.
      Like it or not just make sure you have proper papers coz the day is coming an soon after the SA election’s you going back to Zimbabwe in a track like cattle you bragging about something thats not yours.