Zimbabwe’s Mugabe to be sworn in Thursday: aide

via Times LIVE – Zimbabwe’s Mugabe to be sworn in Thursday: aide


Robert Mugabe will be sworn in on Thursday, beginning a fresh five-year mandate as Zimbabwe’s president following a disputed election, his spokesman said.

“It is now this Thursday,” George Charamba told AFP on the sidelines of a summit of southern African leaders in Malawi.

On Friday Mugabe’s main challenger, opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, withdrew a legal challenge to the election result, claiming the courts would not be fair.

That removed the last hurdle to 89-year-old Mugabe’s inauguration for a seventh term.

Mugabe, Africa’s oldest leader, first took the reins of a newly independent Zimbabwe in 1980 as prime minister. He became president following a constitutional amendment in 1987.

Southern African leaders attending the summit had earlier endorsed the result of the election that extended his 33-year rule, congratulating him for holding peaceful elections.

Asked whether regional leaders would attend the swearing-in, Charamba said that “everybody will be invited”.


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    Henry M. 9 years ago

    ON A LIGHTER NOTE:- Mugabe dies and goes to heaven. St Peter tells him that he is not welcome in Heaven as he will corrupt the saintly souls there and sends him to the other place below.
    On arrival in Hell,the Devil says he is not welcome here either as he will corrupt the others in Hell and sends him back upstairs only to be sent below again. After several trips up and down the Devil and St Peter
    agree that there is only one place to send him where he may be welcome —– so the send Mugabe back to Zimbabwe.

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    Pachokwadi 9 years ago

    RG Mugabe has organised himself another 5year term as president of Zimbabwe. The Sadc have endorsed his resounding victory he has engineered at the expense of Faithful Zimbabweans. Congratulations baba chatunga. Bona akazvara mbavha huru chaiyo.

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    “When the wicked thrive, so does sin, but the righteous will see their downfall.” Proverbs 29:16

    When the wicked are in leadership, sin prevails. In any organisation – whether a church, a business, a family, or a government – the climate comes from the top. The people become like their leaders. What kind of climate are you setting for the people you lead?