Schools remain closed: Activities to keep your kids busy 

Source: Schools remain closed: Activities to keep your kids busy | The Herald

Schools remain closed: Activities to keep your kids busy

Herald Reporter

Following the Level 4 lockdown extension on Monday, school children will stay home a little longer as learning institutions will for now remain closed.

This means young children will spend more time at home. At some point they may become bored, miss their playmates and classmates. Apart from the online lessons, there are a lot of fun activities kids can do in the comfort of their homes during the extended lockdown.

Below are a few tips of how keep children busy during the extended lockdown.


Gardening is a fun and educative activitity kids can take up.

With the good rains, kids can grow their favourite crops, weed and learn to take care of them. It will be nice to harvest and eat what they would have grown. Kids can also help with maintaining flowers and other plants around the home. 


Baking is a fun way to keep the family together during the extended lockdown. From muffins to buns, pizza and cakes, kids can learn a few tricks from mom and dad who will guide them through the process. This will also impart a skill in them. 


Instead of throwing away cans and bottles, kids can learn to recycle them through art. A few bottles of spray paint can do the trick. Kids can paint the bottles which can be used as vases for the flowers they would have grown.

Cans can be used to make decorations for the part of the garden they will be maintaining. 

Educational films

Documentaries, especially those around culture, food and education are quite interesting. Kids can learn various aspects of life from a different perspective. My pick for a documentary will the “The world’s most dangerous roads to school”. The documentary brings out how kids in various parts of the world struggle to get to the nearest school. A good documentary for the naughty kids who do not value the comfortable life they have. This one will surely make them appreciate what they have.


Colouring is both fun and educative especially for the young ones in ECD. They will name animals, fruits, objects etc and colour them at the same time.