Schools remain closed

Source: Schools remain closed | The Herald

Herald Reporter
Schools remain closed until August 10 under the latest statutory
instrument extending the original closure for another two weeks that was
gazetted at the end of last week.

SI210 of 2021 simply confirms under the public health regulations the
announcement made last week that schools will remain closed until the
Government says otherwise.

The closure of schools has been extended through statutory instruments a
fortnight at a time as Zimbabwe fights the third wave.

Government has made it clear that while schools and parents must prepare
for the re-opening, this will only happen when the risk to children is
significantly lower.

The third wave is retreating slowly, but infection rates are still at
historically very high levels.

The statutory instrument was the 31st amendment to the consolidated
lockdown regulations issued in October last year and basically just moved
forward the earliest possible legal reopening date from July 27 to August