Seke student teacher sentenced 12 months for kissing a student

Source: Seke student teacher sentenced 12 months for kissing a student – NewsDay Zimbabwe

A-STUDENT teacher at Seke Teachers’ College has been sentenced to 350 hours community service for sexually abusing a student when he was on attachment at Highlands Primary School.

Nashville Gwariwa (24) today appeared before magistrate Dennis Mangosi.

He was initially slapped with a 12 month prison sentence, of which two months were suspended on condition of good behaviour and 10 months suspended on condition that he performs community service at the Makoni Clinic in Chitungwiza.

In sentencing him, Mangosi said the State proved beyond doubt that Gwariwa committed the offence.

Mangosi further ruled that there is need to protect children from sexual perverts.

Gwariwa told the court during mitigation that he did not know that he was committing an offence.

The victim is 13 years old.

The school headmistress Mavis Ngwarati had told the court that the school does not condone such behaviour from teachers.

According to prosecutor Sherlynn Sadomba, on December 10, 2021, Gwariwa met the complainant who was in the company of her friend at Highlands Primary school at the school grounds.

He offered the complainant a yellow jacket as a present and she took it.

Later Gwariwa asked the complainant to accompany him to the music room.  The complainant’s friend then left.

While in the music room, Gwariwa told the complainant that she could help him to look for his laptop charger.

While looking for the charger, he asked the complainant to kiss him, but she refused.

Gwariwa then held the complainant by her hand and drew her closer to him. The complainant tried to scream but was stopped by Gwariwa who quickly closed her mouth using one of his hands.

He further grabbed the complainant by her waist and dragged her much closer to him but the complainant then pushed him away.

At that point, the complainant’s friend then followed them to the music room and witnessed her pulling herself away from the teacher.

The complainant narrated her ordeal to her friend.  The matter was then reported to the school headmistress, who also reported the matter to the police.