Serial rapist in court on 8 counts

Source: Serial rapist in court on 8 counts –Newsday Zimbabwe

File picture: Court hammer

A SUSPECTED serial rapist from Harare’s Rugare high-density suburb, who allegedly terrorised under-aged girls in the Churu Farm and Glen View areas, was yesterday arraigned before the courts facing eight counts of rape and robbery.

The suspect, Chrispen Bonda (35), who reportedly sexually assaulted under-aged girls before robbing them, appeared before magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa, who remanded him in custody to February 9..

It is the State’s case that on February 1 last year and at around 9pm, one of the complainants, aged 13 years, retired to bed in the dining room together with his brother aged five, while their parents slept in a nearby bedroom.

The main door was not locked. The next day at around 2am, the complainant woke up to find Bonda removing her blankets.

When she switched on her cellphone light, she was threatened by the accused, who placed a knife on her left ear. He ordered her not to make any noise and force-marched her out of the house to a nearby unfinished house, where he raped her once without protection.

The victim reported the matter to her parents, who then accompanied her to the police in Glen View to report the rape. She was medically examined and an affidavit was obtained.

On October 6, 2022 at around 9pm, another complainant aged 10 went to sleep with her mother and other family members.

At around 2:30am, the complainant mysteriously found herself at their neighbour’s unfinished house in the company of Bonda who was wielding a knife. The girl was raped once without protection after being threatened with the knife.

She narrated what happened to her mother when she got back home. The mother then discovered that a 5kg gas tank, $2 000 and three cellphones had been stolen.

The complainant said she did not know how she got out of the house. It is alleged that Bonda forced open the main door with an unknown object to gain entry.

The matter was reported to the police and the girl was medically examined. The total value of goods stolen was US$195, $2 000 and nothing was recovered.

On December 20, 2022 at around 8pm, a 14-year-old girl was asleep with other family members and all windows and doors were closed.

At around the same time as the other victims, Bonda broke in and threatened her with a knife.

All the occupants in the house were ordered to cover their heads with blankets. Fearing for their lives, they complied.

He was in the company of an accomplice who was outside the house. The girl was raped without protection.

Bonda then stole a 3kg gas tank, a kitchen knife and a cellphone.

He fled the scene taking with him the girl’s undergarments.

The matter was reported to the police and the girl was medically examined.

On December 28, 2022 at around 11pm, he also attacked a 15-year-old girl using the same modus operandi and stole some property from the house.

The next morning at around 2am, Bonda also attacked an 11-year-old girl. After raping her, he stole a plasma television set and phones valued at US$189, and nothing was recovered.

Another 16-year-old girl was raped on November 15, 2022 around 1am. On January 19 this year at around 11pm, Bonda raped yet another 13-year-old girl.

It is alleged that he force-marched the complainant to the Churu Farm Primary School orchard where he raped her.