Shamuyarira died penniless, ignored by Zanu PF

via Shamuyarira died penniless, ignored by Zanu PFDaily News 09 June 2014

NATHAN Shamuyarira, Zimbabwe’s first Minister of Information, died “poor” and his wife Dorothy could not even visit him in hospital because of financial constraints, President Robert Mugabe and relatives admitted.

Mugabe, who went to Shamuyarira’s funeral wake in his luxurious Mercedes Benz S600, was spared the nightmare of dogging potholes, after authorities swiftly fixed the road leading to the late hero’s home, which was quickly painted just after his death.

When the Daily News visited Shamuyarira’s house on Friday, it reflected signs of age and abandonment. Shamuyarira died on Wednesday and was buried Saturday at the National Heroes Acre.

Relatives of the late veteran nationalist appealed to Mugabe to help the widowed Dorothy, who is sick and struggling to make ends meet.

“We are appealing to the Mashonaland West province to take care of Mai Shamuyarira because she is reserved and cannot tell you her problems.

“She was even struggling to raise money to visit baba (father) in hospital when he was ill but she could not tell anyone. It is her character,” said a relative who spoke after Mugabe.

Mugabe himself had earlier admitted that his former comrade, who refused a farm, had died a poor man.

“He knew what he stood for, very simple and you could not suspect him of any corruption.

“He died a poor man and this was Nathan, but rich of course in his views,” said Mugabe to a gathering that included government ministers, who had arrived at the funeral in some of the latest vehicles on the market.

Close relatives of Shamuyarira said Philip Chiyangwa and Webster Shamu, who both hail from Mashonaland West, were among the few persons in Zanu PF who were supporting the “leading light” in his last inglorious days.

Margaret Dongo, who in the 1990s crossed swords with the late Shamuyarira, told the Daily News that in his last days, the former journalist wanted her close — “presumably to share his misery.”

“He sent someone for me when he was sick. The person who was fixing electrical gadgets at his home told me that he was always talking about me. When I paid him a visit the situation was deplorable.

“Politicians whom he had worked with did not come to see him. He was not even aware of what was happening in the country. I think he wanted me to see how he was living because he knew I would never keep quiet about it,” said Dongo.

According to Dongo, Shamuyarira’s house was painted on Thursday in a desperate attempt to mask the signs of neglect that the once powerful man was enduring.

“Zanu PF has a tendency of forgetting its own, only to sing praises when the person is dead. Unfortunately, they are going to talk only about the positives. I am so disappointed that a house is painted around 4pm.

“When I left the place at 6pm on Wednesday, they were still painting the house. The road leading to his home was only repaired after his death so as to enable the president to pass.

“When I visited him just before his death, I could see that he had something in his heart that he wanted to say, that is why he invited me so that I would let the world know.”





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    Doris 8 years ago

    What about his state of the art export quality mango farm in Chegutu?

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    Roving Ambassador 8 years ago

    He deserves the poverty that him and his party brought upon us.They robbed us of our pensions. His wife should be happy the regime buried him .We are burying our on . I have respect for you Do go because you saw the evil in Mugabe and bailed out. Shamuyarira enjoyed leeching on us .I do not feel sorry for him at all.
    Zan is a treasonous party.

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    Tjingababili 8 years ago


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    Ruramai 8 years ago

    If he had been really poor he wouldn’t have died at West end clinic. One of the key architects of Zimbabwe’s decline, he deserved worse than he got. I am glad that one who celebrated gukurahundi tasted poverty. ..or just a bit of it. After all he had a grand funeral.

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    This is clear warning to current ZPF members and potential members that this evil party is not for any good to anyone. It uses you then dumps you! Nathan died poor because of their policies, so we don’t sympathise with any fool who still believes in ZPF.
    Mai Shamuyarira appeal for help from Mugabe is a waste of time. This lady is going to suffer. Just visit her in 3 months you will see.

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    Mike Nyathi 8 years ago

    Shame. Shamuyarira defended Gukurahundi because he was fully involved in the operation and was the architect of all the hate speech against Zapu in the 80’s. Also, why are there always these articles saying so and so was abandoned by ZANU and died in poverty??? That in itself is a Zanoid mentality. In a normal country you organise your own retirement but in Zimbabwe these people want to loot the treasury to keep themselves comfortable even in their own age. Down with them.

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    The spirit that drives ZPF is a monster from hell. I can only pray that in His mercy the Lord would open the eyes of many in that party to come out of that evil so that they may be saved from eternal judgment. They eat and destroy their own and anyone else that is in the way. The selfishness, greed and arrogance are beyond description

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    Straight Shooter 8 years ago


    Nathan Shamuyarira: author of the 1979 Grand Plan Document?
    by Mncumbatha

    06 June 2014

    The death of one Nathan Shamuyarira marks a turning point in the history of Zimbabwe’s political dynamics. It is a well known fact that Shamuyarira was a polarizing and toxic figure within the Zim political landscape. Political eyebrows in certain parts of the country, particularly in Matebeleland would have been raised by the news of his sudden death pursuant to what is believed to have been a very long ailment.

    One would recall that Shamuyarira was widely believed, and, alleged to be the author of the toxic and dangerous so-called 1979 Grand Plan document that formally provided a blueprint for the subsequent golgothisation of Matebeleland, the scorched earth policy and the Gukurahundi campaign applied by the Zanu-Pf government in Matebeleland that decimated in excess of 20 000 God-fearing and defenceless villagers.

    The question which arises of course is what is the source of such outrageous claims? Fortunately the answer is to be found in the subsequent document called: “Progress Review of the 1979 Grand Plan Document”. The authors inadvertently let the cat out of the proverbial bag by asserting that:

    “We must not forget what Nathan Shamuyarira once observed in the 1979 Grand Plan “The only way to weaken the Ndebele is to deprive him of an education”.

    There you have it. The above quotation is an extract from the review document and it is quoting what Shamuyarira is alleged to have said in the 1979 original document. Curiously, it is significant that when this review document came out, the Zanu-Pf government never really made an effort to get to the bottom of its origin other than a cursory dismissal of it which was issued through none other than Nathan Shamuyarira where he made reference to the fact that president Mugabe has Ndebele relatives within his family since his father was married to a MaTshuma from from Matebeleland. It is significant that he Shamuyarira did not unequivocally and unambiguously deny or refute ever writing the 1979 Grand Plan Document.

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    Jono Austin 8 years ago

    Oh, cry me a river.

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    Chingava John 8 years ago

    That is nonsense, where did he put the loot.Why did he not invest his money.

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    Joshua 8 years ago

    The bible said the day of death is greater than the day of birth. So happy is shamu since he can not hear all what we can say good or bad about him RIP shamu. When a man lives he is like a living lion but a dead man is just like a dead lion, a living dog is rather dangerous than a dead lion. RIP sham

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      Mukanyairi 8 years ago

      Asi chakambomamisa mandevere chirume ichi. Chakangoita zvaiita Mzilikazi kuMaSvina. Zvinotsividzana. Dai pakachingozvarwa mumwezve wakaita sacho amamise maNdevere futi. Ngaatize aende kundovuraya vanhu muJoni. Zimbabwe is not for them. South Africa is also not welcoming these idiots.

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    Bloody agent 8 years ago

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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    Zvomukonde 8 years ago

    Joshua, you have been brain washed.