Shops hike stationery prices

Source: Shops hike stationery prices | The Herald January 7, 2019

Shops hike stationery prices

Freedom Mupanedemo Midlands Bureau
Shops that sell school uniforms and stationery in Gweru and Kwekwe have hiked their prices as parents make a last-minute rush ahead of the opening of the new school year tomorrow.

A snap survey conducted by The Herald showed that prices have doubled and in some instances quadrupled.

A two-quire counter book was going for $6,50 in most retail shops up from $3,60 while one-quire counter book was selling at between $4 and $4,40, up from about $2 previously. Uniforms were ranging between $80 and $120 depending on the school, up from $40.

Enterprising vendors were also cashing in on the back to school rush by selling exercise books and other school stationery on the streets at negotiable prices.

Vendors selling exercise books were slightly cheaper that shops with a two- quire counter book selling for $5 while one-quire counter book was going for $3,50.

Parents’ interviewed said the prices of uniforms were now outrageous.

“The quotations I have been getting form the uniform shops around Gweru are quite shocking. I have got twins who are going for Form One at Guinea Fowl High School and a pair of boys’ uniforms is going for $120. I also have to buy uniform for my daughter,” said Mrs Norah Manuke.

Mrs Manyuke said her daughter’s uniform was going for $116. She said she only managed to buy the twins a pair of uniforms each instead of two pairs each.

“They will have one pair of uniforms each I have no choice. There is still a lot of other items that I still have a lot of things that I have to buy for them. I hope they will understand,” she said.

Another parents, Mr Rabson Hove, a civil servant, said he was looking for close to $1 000 to buy all the things that his son, who is going for Form One at St Patrick’s, requires.

“The uniforms are the most expensive. I also need his groceries, and books and the quotation I have is for $1 000. This $1 000 doesn’t include fees and tuition fees,” he said.