Signs of improvement on Mnangagwa’s infrastructure development plan

Source: Signs of improvement on Mnangagwa’s infrastructure development plan | The Herald

Signs of improvement on Mnangagwa’s infrastructure development plan
President Mnangagwa

By Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo

The recent pronouncement by President Mnangagwa’ s Government on signing contracts with senior Government officials has led to positive attributes within ED’s Government.

Literally, infrastructure development throughout the country has been of positive and tremendous progress.

We are witnessing the Mbudzi roundabout project which is now taking shape and we expect more projects of similar nature in other major cities.

Construction of dams in different towns, notably Zambezi Water Trust which was led by Dumiso Dabengwa, is upon completion.

We applaud the Government for taking a positive role towards major improvements in infrastructure development.

We have the state of art, Mt Hampden projects which consists of Government complex, State House, new Parliament building and other relevant ministries.

The project is upon completion, and the Government is expected to officially open the complex soon.

We have seen a number of construction companies being awarded tenders to do roads around Harare and other major towns.

There has been tremendous progress on rural electrification.

We have seen Binga solar system project taking shape, which is expected to contribute positively towards the national grid and ensuring that irrigation schemes are implemented.

In comparison to the first republic, the second republic has shown signs of improvement on infrastructure development.

We are looking at the promotion of local content, local personnel and implementation of local empowerment framework as well as employment creation in various sectors of the economy.

Government must work hand in hand with the private sector, for wider pool of strategic thinking and advisory on various projects around the current trajectory.

If we utilize the Muzarabani oil fields properly, Zimbabwe will go a long way to address the economic challenges facing the country and meeting the obligations of the economic projections.

We have lithium deposits which were recently discovered and the latest statistics clearly shows within Africa. We are leading on lithium and gold.

What we need to is to ensure the resources are put into good use. There is need for a speed Economic Recovery framework addressing the imperatives and dimensions on the local content, using home grown solutions.

We have witnessed the Rufaro stadium refurbishment intiative which will employ over 5000 locals led by the Sakunda Holdings.

The project is being extended to National sports stadium and other local football facilities which are in bad shape.

There is need for positive attitude towards proper Economic Recovery plan. We have to find a common ground, to find each other and remain focused on the rebuilding development agenda of the country.

The Beitbridge – Chirundu highway is taking shape and the project is expected to be commissioned by January 2023.

We expect more cooperate partnership in some of these national projects to address employment challenges both in private and public sector.

ZISCO steel is taking shape, and hopefully it will restore the regional hub for economic growth in the steel industry.

My advice to the Government of Zimbabwe is that they must involve private sector participation to build more investor confidence and more development partners.

There is need for proper feasibility studies in some of the areas to curb leakages, and at the same to avoid dubious investors in short changing the Government in some of the major deals.

Proper Strategic Thinking and advisory is critical in national development.

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is the Head of Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking – ZIST.