Small entrepreneurs need financial support

Source: Small entrepreneurs need financial support – DailyNews

By Pepertua Rojasi

WOMEN’s Bank director Mandas Marikanda says small entrepreneurs are an engine for growth and development hence they should be considered for financial support for them to become tributaries into the main value chains.

Speaking during a recent post national budget business forum hosted by the Daily News in Harare, Marikanda said it was important for small businesses to be included in the economic activities since their sector contributes to fiscal revenue.

“We need to inject an impetus into the small-scale entrepreneurs, to expand and deliberately support them. Let’s engage the micro economics where we catalyse the unit below, where each household can move from US$1 per day to US$10 per day then the (National Development Strategy) NDS1 will be easy to run” said Marikanda.

Meanwhile, Finance minister Mthuli Ncube said the budget would establish a specialised unit that focuses on small enterprises during the first quarter of 2021 to make sure that the sector’s contributions to fiscal revenues are commensurate with the level of economic activity.