Small-scale farmers urged to plant drought-resistant crops

Source: Small-scale farmers urged to plant drought-resistant crops – NewsDay Zimbabwe

SMALL-HOLDER farmers across the country have been urged to concentrate on drought-resistant crops due to uncertainties eminating from climate change.

Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers Union (ZCFU) president Shadreck Makombe told NewsDay yesterday that reports by the Meteorological Services Department, which stated that the rains  this agricultural season were expected to last up to March next year, indicated that it would be wise for small-scale farmers to prioritise drought-resistant crops.

“Given that the rains will go on up to March, which is three months from now, in my humble opinion, I think farmers should opt for early maturity and drought-resistant crops,” he said.

Makombe said farmers should not rely on statistics and predictions about rains, but should deal with the situation on the ground to ensure food security.

In some areas where farmers planted crops after the early rains, the crops have already wilted.

Several initiatives have been implemented by government to mitigate climate change effects that might disrupt the agricultural sector.

Government has also intervened by providing feed to cattle breeders and supporting horticulture farmers with irrigation infrastructure to mitigate against drought.