Smuggling syndicate in bribery storm 

Source: Smuggling syndicate in bribery storm – NewsDay Zimbabwe


A SMUGGLING syndicate allegedly tried to bribe police at Nyazura Police Station around 2am on Sunday so that they could get back 16 bales of mobile phone handsets that had been confiscated by the law enforcement agents.

Well-placed sources in Manicaland told NewsDay that a syndicate led by Anyway Chinyanga arrived at Nyazura Police Station at around 2am on Sunday and tried to bribe the officer-in-charge, one Inspector Gova to get back their confiscated contraband.

Chinyanga, Phillip Mandangu and Edwin Dzingai were immediately arrested and detained at Nyazura Police Station, charged with smuggling and possession of a firearm. They will appear in court in Rusape today.

“I can confirm that the Officer-in-Charge at Nyazura Police Station refused a US$5 000 bribe at around 2am.  The syndicate, which is being led by Chinyanga, came at the police station driving in a small Nissan Champ vehicle,” a source said.

Mutare businessman Edward Muhamba yesterday told NewsDay he caused the arrest of Chinyanga and his team, accusing them of smearing him on social media.

Last week, there were social media reports linking Muhamba to smuggling of bales of second-hand clothes from Mozambique and bribing police officers.

But Muhamba said he left the business of selling second-hand clothes way back in 2013 and was into farming.

He said on Sunday, he received information that five trucks were coming from Mozambique with the bales and made plans to intercept them and get the team arrested as punishment for tarnishing his name.

“I followed them and forced them to stop just before Nyazura. Two of them and Chinyanga pointed a firearm at me,” he said.

“They tried to fight me, but the police arrived, leading to their arrest. The bales were confiscated.”

Muhamba and his friend, Simon Muzonzini, were arrested for public violence over the scuffle that took place when Chinyanga was arrested.

They appeared in court yesterday and were granted $50 000 bail before being remanded to July 26 for trial. They are represented by Farai Matinhure.