Soldiers Spotted Rehabilitating ZRP Cops | WILL ZIMBABWE BECOME BETTER? 

Source: Soldiers Spotted Rehabilitating ZRP Cops | WILL ZIMBABWE BECOME BETTER? | ZimEye

By Erick Nkomo| After two weeks of absence from active policing, members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police are slowly making their way back into duty but not without “rehabilitation.”

Scenes in the streets of Harare and on the major highways revealed that the police officers are slowly being brought back to work but under the watchful eye of members of the Military Police.

The police were restricted to their stations by the military a fortnight ago when the army executed its “Operation Restore Legacy” which saw them administer the country leading to the resignation of former President Robert Mugabe.

Over the period, the army disarmed the police and took over the policing of the nation manning the streets of major urban centres and roadblocks on all highways. observed that since Saturday the police are gradually being brought to duty but under the supervision of the military police.

Zimbabweans especially motorists hailed the time that police officers were removed from the roads as they said the roads were better without the ZRP cops.

Travelling from Harare to Bulawayo this reporter encountered only three military police check points who demanded minimal checks on citizens.

In the past due to the numerous roadblocks along the 400km journey from Harare to Bulawayo motorists would encounter at least fifteen police checks with an average 10 minute stops at each check point which turned the five hour drive to seven hours.

In the Harare CBD, notes members of the army walking around with police officers regulating vendors instead of harassing them as the police would before do and this so to solicit for bribes from the vendors.

Meanwhile, yet to be confirmed reports say that Police Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri has resigned from the police service.

Chihuri was temporarily held by the army at the peak of the army operation after he was said to have tried to order the police support unit to fight the army.

Chihuri was also badly booed by Zimbabweans when he made his oath of allegiance to the new President Emerson Mnangagwa.


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    Fallenz 5 years ago

    Reality, as a giant, hovering, taloned vulture floats over all Zimbabwe, casting an ever-darkening, returning shadow that is continuely dimming the light of false hope that ZANU-PF had finally been appeased or quelled or conquered… hope that the removal of evil Mugabe meant the arrival of freedom. That hope for a return of prosperity and the rule of law was not based on substance, but merely by casting a veil over reality and crowding it out of the room. There is a vast difference between “possibility” and “probability”… but with Mnangagawa taking control, there was neither. Jubilation and excitement can not sustain what is not real. The jubilation was merely that ZANU-PF would not be splintered into losing control. The rule of law has not returned; the judiciary remains politicized; the press is still handcuffed; the benefits remain only for the ZANU-PF elite; the colonization and suppression and gutting of resources continues. Reality has returned from its brief respite, and the light hearts of the people turn once again to the dark future brought upon them by their evil ZANU-PF overlords.