Speed up informal settlement regularisation, govt told

Source: Speed up informal settlement regularisation, govt told -Newsday Zimbabwe

CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC) legislator for Epworth North Zivai Mhetu has challenged the government to expedite the formalisation of informal settlements.

Rising on a point of national interest in the National Assembly on Tuesday this week, Mhetu said the issue of informal settlements was previously dealt with in Parliament without much progress.


He challenged the Local Government and Public Works ministry to streamline the regularisation process to minimise bureaucracy.

“This issue was once raised in this House, but there are no notable changes which we have seen. This has prompted me to urgently call on the Local Government and Public Works ministry to expedite the regularisation of informal settlements across our nation,” Mhetu said.

“Recognising the challenges faced by residents in these settlements and the need for clear guidelines, I propose streamlining in regularisation processes to minimise bureaucratic hurdles and consolidate departments dealing with regularisation should be available at one place.”

Mhetu also called on the government to allocate sufficient resources for surveys and infrastructural development including engaging residents for their input and concerns.



He insisted that there be a clear deadline for regularisation, penalties for non-compliance including arrest and public awareness campaigns about the deadlines.

He pointed out that if government adopts these measures it would provide residents in informal settlements with a pathway to legal recognition and improved living conditions, while also ensuring a controlled and planned approach to urban development.

Last year, government approved the provision of title deeds for urban and peri-urban housing developments on State and local authority land. The title deeds issuance programme was launched by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Epworth in April last year.