Supreme Court upholds Chigumba land victory 

Source: Supreme Court upholds Chigumba land victory | The Herald February 12, 2019

Daniel Nemukuyu Senior Court Reporter
A decade-long land ownership wrangle pitting some Chitungwiza residents and businessman Cde Christopher Chigumba has ended after the Supreme Court threw out an appeal by the residents with costs.

Cde Chigumba, who operates Zanoremba Housing Company Private Limited, was confirmed owner of the disputed piece of land.

The businessman-cum-politician had approached the High Court seeking to block some members of Zanoremba Housing Co-operative from interfering with his housing project in Unit L Extension, Chitungwiza.

He also wanted the cited co-operative members and Chitungwiza council to be stopped from allocating stands on the piece of land he claimed belonged to him.

The High Court ruled in Cde Chigumba’s favour and confirmed his title to the land after members of the cooperative unsuccessfully appealed the decision at the Supreme Court,.

Supreme Court judge Justice Mary Ane Gowora, sitting with Justices Ben Hlatshwayo and Antonia Guvava, dismissed the appeal with costs.

“Whereupon after reading documents filed of record and hearing counsel, it is ordered that the matter be and is hereby dismissed with costs,” she said.

The court found that the land in question was allocated to Cde Chigumba and his company and not to Zanoremba Housing Co-operative.

It was the court’s finding that Cde Chigumba and his company managed to prove that they were the rightful owners of the land.

The court also barred Chitungwiza Council from transacting with any of the other eight respondents in the administration of Zanoremba Housing Project on the piece land.