Survival of patronage a cowardly act that not only kills Zimbabwe but also careers 

Freedom is the sweetest thing on earth!

Source: Survival of patronage a cowardly act that not only kills Zimbabwe but also careers – The Zimbabwean

Tendai Ruben Mbofana


There is nothing that beats the joy and peace of being free, and living one’s life according to one’s true beliefs and convictions.

As a matter of fact, I like joking to myself that, I am one of the freest people in this country – as I survive on doing what I truly love, freely expressing what I genuinely think, without any restrictions or fear.

There is no better feeling that this – and, I derive such joy that I always experience indescribable satisfaction in my heart and mind.

That is why it gravely troubles me when coming across reports of certain individuals in Zimbabwe, who have chosen a path of singing, at times literally, for their suppers – by selling their souls to political interests, which they most likely do not even subscribe to, merely for the sake of fleeting riches and prominence.

A case in point being the reported vindictive spirited drive by the ruling ZANU PF party in scuttling renowned musician Jah Prayzar’s career, by ensuring that he never secures any performance contracts, and possibly other opportunities.


Ostensibly, because of his participation at a lavish birthday bash in South Africa, for wealthy business mogul, Adam Molai – who is married to ousted late dictator Robert Gabriel Mugabe’s niece – which was also attended by members of the so-called G40 faction (Patrick Zhuwao, Savior Kasukuwere, and Walter Mzembi), who were aligned to former first lady Grace.

Apparently, the anger by ZANU PF over this matter resulted in Jah Prayzar being temporarily detained on his return, at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport (the irony was just too much to miss) – for allegedly possessing a fake COVID-19 certificate.

Furthermore, only a week or so ago, his booking to perform at finance ministry permanent secretary George Guvamatanga’s extravagant birthday party was reportedly sabotaged by ZANU PF, despite a deposit having already been paid.

Yet, this was the man who, only four short years ago, was being celebrated by the same people who are fighting him today, for penning what later became the anthem (Kutonga Kwaro Gamba) for the military coup d’etat that toppled Mugabe.

He was a real darling – being invited, and paid handsomely, at nearly every gig organized by the ruling party.

After this most tragic turn of events, can Jah Prayzar honestly claim that his association with ZANU PF was worth it?

What other sinister and nefarious schemes do these men and women – notorious for their unforgiving and vengeful nature – have in store for the hapless, but immensely talented, musician, in order to completely vanquish him?

Will he be forced to grovel and beg for mercy – in fact, further making himself beholden to the ruling party, thereby, effectively declaring himself their poodle, on their beck and call?

Indeed, I am sure he may have found the thousands, or millions, of dollars he could have accumulated from his flirtation with ZANU PF, most beneficial – but, the question remains…was it worth it?

Is it ever worth it, sacrificing ones freedom and peace at the altar of financial expediency?

Let us remember, Jah Prayzar is, by no means, the only one – since, this trend had become more like a epidemic in Zimbabwe, with so many exceptionally gifted people selling their souls over some pieces of silver.

We have witnessed actors, comedians, religious organizations, opposition politicians, and so many others, seemingly losing direction, after the attraction of overnight fame and fortune.

I am not wealthy, by any stretch of the imagination – but, I can never imagine myself ditching what I love the most, and some day people reading uncharacteristic articles by me, suddenly praising the ‘visionary leadership’ of Zimbabwe’s ruling elite…the same people who have callously and sadistically ruined the lives of ordinary citizens.

I love my peace and freedom – and, it does not get any better than writing exactly how I feel, and what I genuinely believe in, without ever worrying about what those who pay me may react… because I am my own man…my own boss.

If only the people of Zimbabwe could choose that path of freedom and peace.

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