Take leading role in promoting peace, youths urged 

Source: Take leading role in promoting peace, youths urged -Newsday Zimbabwe

YOUNG people in Zimbabwe have been urged to take a leading role in promoting peace as they participate in socio-economic developmental programmes.

This came out during a African Youth Leaders International Diplomacy Conference held in Ethiopia which was attended by several youths from Zimbabwe.



Intercontinental Youth Connect chairperson Daniel Zinyama, who chaired the event, said the conference provided a platform for young Africans to engage on issues affecting them.

“The conference provided a platform for young Africans to voice their concerns, exchange ideas and build bridges of understanding. It focused on fostered intercultural dialogue and promoted mutual respect amongst a diverse group of youth,” Zinyama said.

“It also encouraged young people to become more engaged in global issues and to take an active role in shaping the future of our world and continent. Overall, I believe that the conference was a powerful tool for promoting peace and youth participation in policy making for national and continental development.”

The prestigious conference brought together over 200 young leaders from across the continent to discuss leadership, diplomacy and international relations.



Addis Ababa Mayor Adanech Abebe and Ethiopian Women and Social Affairs minister Ergoge Tesfaye underscored the importance of youth engagement in shaping Africa’s future.

Beyond diplomacy and leadership skills development, the conference emphasised initiatives like the Boy Child Project and the Girl Child Initiative.

These programmes, championed by FairGo4Kids and the Zimbabwe Peace Building Initiative, aim to establish institutional support mechanisms promoting gender equality and fostering peace within households, communities and nations.