Take ownership of devolution, provinces urged

Source: Take ownership of devolution, provinces urged | The Herald November 28, 2019

Take ownership of devolution, provinces urgedVice President Mohadi

Farirai  Machivenyika Senior Reporter

Government is committed to the devolution agenda and calls on all provincial leadership and local authorities to take the lead in the implementation of the policy.

This was said by Vice President Kembo Mohadi at the training programme on protocol and economic diplomacy for the standardisation of practices and procedures regarding Government protocol service delivery, for Ministers of State for Provincial Affairs and their executives in local governance.

As part of the political reforms agenda, Government is implementing constitutional provisions to devolve authority to local leadership and communities.

The policy places emphasis on communities fully utilising their resources for their own betterment and wider contribution to the national economy.

In his address yesterday, VP Mohadi said the provincial leadership and their local authorities had a critical role to play in the devolution agenda.

“The Government is committed to the full implementation of its devolution agenda and you are here present at the front of that implementation matrix,” VP Mohadi said.

“The policy of ‘Zimbabwe is open for business’ does not only apply to central Government, but to you in the local level of Government. At that level, you are the front runners in the relay team of engagement. It is imperative that you play your part with speed, tact and with due diligence.”

The Vice President added that the country’s economy will only develop with contributions from everyone.

“The economic development of our provinces will not succeed without investment. We need to attract both foreign and domestic investors. Knowing about your province will create an attractive engagement tool for investors,” he said.

He urged the provincial leadership to involve every stakeholder in their various areas of jurisdiction when implementing their development programmes.

“Our economic and social development demands inclusivity. Please carry everybody on board — the youth, women and the elderly.

“The small to medium enterprises and those with disabilities will demand your specialised attention and sensitive protocol,” VP Mohadi said.

He commended local authorities that had made twinning arrangements with foreign cities and were making initiatives to establish Special Economic Zones.

“We applaud that initiative as it shows transformative leadership,” he said.

“Attracting investment in itself is an art which demands sharp skills. Always remember that the investor has a choice and can leave and go to the next province or   country.”

The meeting was coordinated by the Office of the President and Cabinet and the Public Service Commission.