The Famous Crypto Trader Claims that Russian Minings Rigs Are Yet To Be Sanctioned 

We all are well aware of the fact that Russia has been under inspection for a bunch of reasons. The country has not been able to get much favor from the international authorities after having attacked Ukraine out of nowhere. It seems to have lost its chances of ever making it to the top level again in terms of forming the global alliance with the other countries.

Now, the only resort for the country seems to be in the form of cryptocurrency which it seems to rely on the most. Having said that, Russia seems to be in a soup as far as the crypto industry is concerned because it has not been able to give a full leeway to its crypto miners. Crypto Bot Trading will highlight the recent happenings and developments that are occurring in the crypto world to help you gain a perfect understanding of the digital ecosystem.

Thoughts of Scott Melker 

All the leading crypto accounts are being cancelled with full force and there is nothing that such miners can do in this tense state. This havoc has only been wreaked by Russia in the first place. So it has absolutely no one to blame considering the level of damage that it is currently taking from the world. The recent stream of sanctions has also debilitated its ability to do anything much in terms of growth. Nonetheless, it has been using the cryptocurrency with full support from the Putin regime.

Right now, there are a lot of things to consider and Russia does not seem to be standing on solid ground. Matter of fact, there are not many groups left for the country to stand on in the first place. Ukraine, on the other hand, has been able to make the most of the crypto donations that it has been the recipient of. It is only the beginning of the sanctions and there is a lot that Russia needs to embrace itself for. The beginning of the sanctions marked the cruelest sanctions that any country has ever been the recipient of. What does that tell you? Well, there are a lot of factors to consider right now and even the crypto mining rig has been sanctioned.

The direction where the world is headed 

All the crypto miners will have to do much more than just their normal digging in order to be able to lay hands on any cryptocurrency. We all are a part of a world system that operates in a unison and the entire system gets affected should there be an anomaly. And this is exactly what unfolded when Russia decided to bomb Ukraine with missiles and rocket launchers. The entire system fell apart in Ukraine affecting the world economy and the crypto industry in its entirety.

We all have come to grips with the fact that Russia has to make some serious improvements in its policies to be able to reinstate its position on the global front. Russia didn’t seem to budge much after being repeatedly reprimanded by the financial world institutions to not attack Ukraine. But all the orders and commands fell on the dead ear and the attacks kept on intensifying with the time. The entire concept of cryptocurrency operates on the global alliance as it is a blockchain technology that needs to operate in a free world without any restrictions whatsoever


The prominent crypto trader, Scott Melker shared his belief as to what the crypto industry has in store after the war that ensued between Russia and Ukraine. Right now, there are immense possibilities and there is no way to know exactly what the future will hold but we need to stay proactive and keep a close track of all the changes that usually take place. The changes are inevitable and you as a conscious user of the technology need to decipher the difference between right and wrong. Scott Melker has already made it clear that the sanctions imposed on Russia will have a detrimental impact on its economy and it is only a matter of time when it will all be witnessed in real-time.