The gambling market in Zimbabwe is actively growing

Source: The gambling market in Zimbabwe is actively growing

Coming out of the worst economic crisis, Zimbabwe is beginning to turn into an attractive market for many foreign companies.

In a number of business spheres there is an active development and the arrival of foreign brands, mastering so far free of competition market spaces.

The sphere of gambling, which has been showing steady growth for several years, is no exception. Only in 2023, the gaming industry grew by 8.5%, and there is nothing to suggest that this trend will stop.

Many well-known international gambling operators and bookmakers have entered the market. Parimatch and Melbet have already taken strong positions, while 1win or Mepagari are just about to make a loud statement. In conditions when the market is far from saturation, the number of companies on it will only increase.

The picture is similar in several other African countries. Rapidly growing populations, economic growth, and the absence of major conflicts in recent years make the market outlook very positive.

Mobile gambling is the fastest-growing market segment

The widespread adoption of smartphones in countries with relatively low standards of living has been observed in many parts of the world. Africa has not been spared from this trend, as a lot of cheap, but at the same time, quite modern and functional phones flooded the market. And while personal computers remain very expensive for most Zimbabweans, many people can afford phones.

In such conditions, it is not surprising that Internet traffic in the country is formed mainly by smartphone users. And various online services, including gambling operators, are adapting to these realities. Players can already choose between applications from Parimatch, Melbet, or the variant powered by 1win. And in the future, the variety will only increase. At the same time, mobile application developers optimize their platforms for the local language and payment methods relevant to the country.

What attracts casinos and bookmakers in Zimbabwe

If we summarize all of the above, we can highlight several important factors for the growth of the gambling market in the country:

–          Increasing population;

–          Economic recovery;

–          Political stability and absence of military conflicts;

–          Convenient legislation.

Also affects a large number of young people, who are now the main target audience of gambling operators. It is for young people who designed new games, and it is for their requests to develop mobile applications. And we can say with certainty that the attention of young players will soon be an even greater struggle for the attention of young players.