The rise and rise of Ms Shally 

Source: The rise and rise of Ms Shally –Newsday Zimbabwe

Ms Shally has a record of organising concerts or events of the high end with VVIP experience.

FORMER manager of the late socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure, Shaleen Nullens, is roaring to stardom.

The co-founder of Roar Entertainment, one of the leading entertainment companies in Zimbabwe, has been selected and contracted by BET International to be in charge of the BET International Night in Los Angeles next month.

Known as Ms Shally, she becomes the first person to be trusted by BET International to bring African culture to the event.

Ms Shally has a record of organising concerts or events of the high end with VVIP experience. She had sold out concerts of Rick Ross, Davido and Fally Ipupa, among others.

“It is a huge milestone for me. Any promoter in Africa could have been selected, but my hard work is being recognised and it’s a great feeling,” she told NewsDay Life & Style.

The Zimbabwe-born entrepreneur says she wants to put local artistes on the BET map.

Ms Shally said events management in a cutthroat industry is not a stroll in the park.

“You can find yourself putting money into doing events and you may not return 20% or 30% of your money. It is not an easy industry. You have to be always on top of it as well. When you do such events, you have to look at ways to differentiate yourself. If it is an event that requires you to look after the VVIPs, for example, you need to make sure that you are on top of it,” she said.

“If it is a concert, from the concert department side, selecting the right artistes that people with the buying power will be able to attend and pay.

“In this business for you to make the right decisions, do not chase clout. Be business-minded because if you chase clout you find yourself doing the wrong events with the wrong artistes. People might make noise but on the business side of getting income back you may find yourself in a mess. You really need to be level headed and know what you are looking for in this industry and focus on your main goal.”

Ms Shally was listed in the Forbes Africa 30 under 30 and named by Forbes Women as an African entrepreneur with potential to reach dizzy heights.

She is a PR manager for MP Scott Sakupwanya.