Things getting worse daily 

Source: Things getting worse daily – DailyNews Live

4 July 2019

EDITOR – Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe
governor John Mangudya, Finance minister Mthuli Ncube and Zanu PF
government have failed us. When the government introduced the bond notes
they stated that this was not a currency but that it would trade at par
with the United Stated dollar.
Now they have changed, they are now saying bond notes is our new Zimbabwe

They said that Zimbabwe was getting back on its wheels, but until now
things have gone worse than before. This government must be held
responsible for all their economic blunders.  This  Zimbabwe dollar will
not last for long before supermarkets’ shelves go empty and history
repeats itself.

To have a strong currency, government should redress anomalies and that
entails a land audit that looks at who has how many farms, which farms are
productive or not and who has the capacity and potential to utilise the
land. To boost production in agricultural sector, the lesson is that there
is need for land redress without any prejudice, racial, political or
otherwise if the country has to move forward.

Martin Luther King Jnr once said nothing in this world is more dangerous
than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.
This attitude of going all over the world with a big begging bowel has to
stop now. This begging mentality has since cost the nation big time.

We might talk of all mega deals, foreign direct investments and what nots
but as long as the ordinary man is still roaming around the street with
nothing to do, no job, no money, etc, we are not talking economic sense.
Now everyone knows that it’s not a stroll in the park to have investors
coming to invest in Zimbabwe.

As ordinary citizens, for how long are we going to be patient, because
many of us are now close to a decade without employment, no payslip, no
bonus, etc?
Pardon Makunike


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    Saddened 11 months ago

    Since 1980 never lost an election? Maybe Zimbabwean people should wake-up and smell the roses. All these brave claims about fighting and sacrificing against colonialism but today nothing?

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    tendai 11 months ago

    We have got ourselves to blame only.

    We chased the whites back to Britain and they have taken their money with them
    We chased white Zimbabweans from their farms and now we are hungry
    We have borrowed too much and spent it on fancy cars and not on the people
    We have ruined our electricity by not servicing it
    We have ruined Zisco
    We have ruined NRZ
    We have ruined Air Zim
    We have ruined Cold Storage
    We have ruined NOCZIM
    We have ruined our health system of clinics and hospitals
    We have plundered the Reserve Bank

    Now we have

    No Money
    No Jobs
    No Petrol
    No Diesel
    No electricity
    No fertilizer
    No water in our homes
    No medicines

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    Spot on Tendai. What you failed to mention is that all of the above doesn’t relate to the thieving elitist . They still have all of the above and more.

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    But we still have ZanuPF!!!! Howzat