This is beyond you, Khaya Moyo et al

This is beyond you, Khaya Moyo et al

Source: This is beyond you, Khaya Moyo et al – DailyNews Live

6 October 2017

HARARE – Initial reports on the fallout within the Zanu PF cockpit,
fuelled by the worsening acrimony in the ruling party’s succession
politics, were down-played by none other than the former liberation
movement’s spokesperson, Simon Khaya Moyo.

Khaya Moyo ill-advisedly slammed the private media, in particular the
Daily News – now clearly vindicated – for its story “Mugabe, ED fight . .
. Zanu PF headed for split” which he claimed was symptomatic of a
regime-change agenda.

Now, just on Tuesday night, Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko – who was
acting president during President Robert Mugabe’s engagement in
neighbouring South Africa – accusing his counterpart Emmerson Mnangagwa of
lying on his alleged poisoning in August.

If anything, Mphoko’s statement shows that indeed things have fallen apart
in the Zanu PF control room, otherwise it would be surprising how an issue
between Zimbabwe’s seconds-in-command – which could have been discussed in
a closed-door meeting, would find its way into public platforms.

Those who read political barometers properly will obviously get clues on
what is likely to happen next because indeed, the writing is on the wall.

Now for SK, as Khaya Moyo is affectionately known by many, this appears
too big a shoe for him to fill no wonder why he was no longer accessible
when his comment was sought on the latest developments whose earlier
symptoms he had sought to downplay.

In similar fashion, Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo recently
threatened private media and social media users with unspecified action,
accusing them of peddling falsehoods on shortages of fuel and basic
commodities over and above the obtaining cash crunch.

While Chombo may have been right to respond, consistent with his
portfolio, he should not have shot at the messenger.

These shortages were not manufactured because they are still there in our
midst. Long fuel queues and others outside banks have become the order of
the day. Basic commodities like cooking oil – the bulk of which is locally
manufactured and protected under SI64 – that went up over a week ago are
still retailing at around $6 for a 2-litre bottle.

This is the reality on the ground, which Chombo can see for himself
without checking the validity of his passport.

The world has changed Cde minister, and geographically distant places have
come closer because of technology.

No form of threat from the minister will end fuel queues, avail the scarce
bond notes and foreign currency among other challenges.

It appears these issues are well beyond SK and Chombo, who may dignify
themselves by keeping quiet as things unfold.