Till boss ‘stole’ $44 000

Source: Till boss ‘stole’ $44 000 | The Herald August 7, 2019

Till boss ‘stole’ $44 000

Prosper Dembedza Court Correspondent
A MAHOMED Mussa Wholesalers supervisor appeared in court on Monday facing allegations of defrauding the wholesale giant of more than $44 000.

Ian Kruger was not asked to plead to fraud charges when he appeared before Harare magistrate Mrs Learnmore Mapiye.

Kruger allegedly teamed up with Roy Muza, a till operator, whom he gave his password.

Armed with the password, Muza, who is still on the run, declared a number of transactions as invalid before the duo pocketed the money.

Mrs Mapiye remanded Kruger on $300 bail.

The court heard that Kruger was responsible for supervising till operators, making spot checks on them and clearing them after checking their daily sales against credits passed and voids.

It is alleged that from August 31 2018 until July 11 this year Kruger, while working in cahoots with Muza, hatched a plan to steal from the company by allegedly making false voids and passing credit cards using his password at Muza’s till point.

The offence was discovered by a security officer Tawanda Shereni as he was carrying out spot-checks at Muza’s till.

Upon being interrogated, Kruger indicated that Muza had stolen $101 by passing a credit in the system using his password without his consent.

Kruger allegedly failed to explain how Muza accessed his password.

The court heard that an auditor and the security guard checked Kruger’s records and discovered that from August last year, Muza would use his passwords to make false voids that goods had been erroneously charged or returned by clients when this was not the case.

It is the State’s contention that Kruger had the sole obligation to use his password without giving it to anyone, do the voiding, passing credit and clearing the till operator at the end of each day.

It is alleged that Kruger would print the credit cash receipts and surrender them to his employer as required whenever a void had been done, but would pocket the cash.

Meanwhile, a 21-year-old habitual thief stole money from a Hatfield Police Station officer in-charge while performing community service at that station for another theft charge he was recently convicted of, the court heard yesterday.

Zwelibanzi Yuba is performing community service at the police station where he allegedly stole US$124 and $445 from Samuel Matsekwa.

He was found guilty of theft in the same court for stealing his mother’s household property and was given community service.

Yuba pleaded guilty to heft when he appeared before Harare magistrate Ms Victoria Mashamba.

He was remanded in custody to today for sentencing.

On July 27 at around 9am, Yuba was doing community service at Hatfield Police Station under CRB 5390/90 when Matsekwa assigned him to clean his car.

Matsekwa left the car unlocked when he left Yuba cleaning it while attending to other assignments.

Yuba took advantage of Matsekwa’s absence and stole the money which was in a wallet and fled from the police station.

When Matsekwa returned around midday, he found his car doors wide open and his money was missing, while Yuba was nowhere to be found.

On the second charge, the court heard that police officers proceeded to Yuba’s house in Hatfield.

Upon arresting him, police officers discovered a knife on the ground where he was sleeping.

Yuba allegedly took a pair of scissors and concealed it between his legs when police officers searched him.

While taking him to the police station, police officers observed that Yuba was walking awkwardly and upon searching him they discovered the pair of scissors.