‘Time for young people to shine’

Source: ‘Time for young people to shine’ | The Herald

‘Time for young people to shine’
President Mnangagwa

Fungi Kwaramba Political Editor

YOUNG people must create jobs and wealth by seizing vast opportunities availed by the Second Republic and exploiting the country’s vast endowments, President Mnangagwa said.

Officially opening the 7th National Conference of the Youth League, which is being held under the theme, “Vision 2030: Revitalise, Empower, Involve the Youth”, at the Harare International Conference Centre yesterday, President Mnangagwa said his administration has opened the door for youth participation in all facets of the economy.

Opportunities for the young people have been availed in mining, agriculture, and tourism, the three key sectors of the economy that are vital to the realisation of Vision 2030, to become an upper-middle-class economy.

“As outlined in our 2018 Election Manifesto, my Government continues facilitating youth empowerment, education, and skills development initiatives. Opportunities have been availed at innovation hubs and industrial parks at our institutions of higher learning so that you, the youth, realise your full potential.

“Presently, the innovation revolution has seen the young people of our country being the epicentre of the production of goods and quality services that answer to the needs of our communities and growing economy. This is commendable,” President Mnangagwa said.

“In line with our declaration of 2022 as the ‘Year of Growth,’ I challenge you to start many more businesses and create wealth for yourselves, your families and the country especially in sectors such as construction, ICT, tourism and the financial service sectors among others.

“The days for you to line up and look for jobs are fading. You must leverage on our country’s endowments to create decent job opportunities towards the growth of local economies and rural industries in our provinces, districts, wards and villages.

“I thus, expect to see the emergence of a crop of young versatile entrepreneurs who will help leapfrog our economic growth and emerge as the country’s millionaires. As you do so, always remember the importance of hard honest work. Our party Zanu PF will never tolerate corruption.”

To take every young person aboard, as enshrined in the principle ‘development that leaves no one and no place behind’, President Mnangagwa has availed to young people the Youth Empowerment Bank that offers tailor-made business and entrepreneurship starter packs, financial products and services.

He has challenged development partners to come up with sustainable development programmes and projects that will enhance the economic prospects of young people.

Apart from the Youth Empowerment Bank, the Second Republic has also established Youth Desks in every ministry to mainstream the needs of the youths, while on the other hand, the Revised National Youth Policy is yet another demonstration of President Mnangagwa’s administration’s commitment to providing practical solutions to challenges faced by young people.

President Mnangagwa said the youth’s human capital base continues to be enhanced through the reconfiguration of technical vocational training centres, leadership development training programmes as well as the nurturing of youth start-ups in various sectors of the economy.

“Rest assured that, under the Second Republic, the current young generation will continue to be facilitated to establish fulfilling careers and successful enterprises. No one and no youth will be left behind as we build our great motherland, Zimbabwe, brick by brick and stone upon stone,” he said.

Turning to economic saboteurs who are manipulating the exchange rate and fuelling inflation, the President reiterated that his administration is seized with the matter.

“It is a vote for development, a secure destiny and a brighter future. Never be led astray by the many wolves in sheep’s clothing, roaming our political landscape. Do not sell your birthright for small trinkets.

“We are aware that some of our people are working with detractors to bring about regime change through the manipulation of our exchange rate and unjustified price hikes. My Government is seized with this matter and perpetrators will soon be brought to book. I exhort the youth of our country to be vigilant and help expose all these deviant malcontents and counter-revolutionaries,” President MnangaYOUNG people must create jobs and wealth by seizing vast opportunities availed by the Second Republic and exploiting the country’s vast gwa said.

Yesterday’s conference, where a new leadership of the Youth League was elected, was yet another feather in the cap for Zanu PF as it continues to entrench democratic practices.

In his address to the conference that was attended by the Zanu PF leadership, affiliate regional political movements and delegates from as far as Russia, President Mnangagwa described the two-day event as historic, in as much as it capped the age of youth at 35 and strictly adhered to the revolutionary party’s constitution.