Tobacco sales rake in US$404 million

Source: Tobacco sales rake in US$404 million | The Herald

Tobacco sales rake in US$404 million
A significant number of indigenous Zimbabwean farmers are starting to show their potential in growing the golden leaf

Elita Chikwati Agriculture Reporter

Tobacco sales have raked in US$404 million as stakeholders in the industry work on reviewing Covid-19 regulations to curb the spread of the pandemic.

Farmers have so far sold 149 million kilogrammes of the crop which is 24 percent more than the 119,4 million kilogrammes that had gone under the hammer same period last year.

Latest statistics from the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board show that auction floors have sold low volumes when compared to contact sales.

So far, 132 776 bales translating to 9,8 million kilogrammes have been sold at the auction floors while, 1,8 million bales equivalent to 138,9 million kilogrammes were sold through the contract floors.

Buyers have offered a highest price of US$4,99 per kg at the auction floors while a highest price of US$6,70 per kilogramme was recorded at the contract floors.