Top lawyer up for $230 000 fraud 

Source: Top lawyer up for $230 000 fraud | The Herald May 23, 2019

Top lawyer up for $230 000 fraud

Prosper Dembedza Court Correspondent
The trial of prominent Harare lawyer Puwai Chiutsi (50), who is facing fraud allegations after allegedly selling land that had been repossessed from him by the Sheriff of the High Court to Mashwede Holdings, has been set for June 20.

Prosecutor Mr Sebastian Mutizirwa asked the court to postpone the matter to June 20 saying further investigations are to be conducted at the Deeds Office and at the High Court.

Chiutsi made an application for the temporary release of his passport with effect from yesterday to June 4 after indicating that he intended to travel outside the country.

Harare magistrate Mrs Barbra Mateko released Chiutsi’s passport and ordered him to return it on the agreed date.

The complainant is Tendai Mashamhanda, the director for Mashwede Holdings.

It is the State’s case that sometime in September 2017, Chiutsi’s property, called Remainder of Subdivision C of Lot 6, Highlands Estate, was sold to Bariadie Investments by the Sheriff while acting in terms of the High Court order in a matter against Chiutsi and Elliot Rogers.

Chiutsi allegedly lost ownership of the property and several attempts to appeal against the High Court order at the Supreme Court were unsuccessful.

It is alleged that Chiutsi misrepresented to Mashwede Holdings and made an affidavit that the property had no mortgages or any encumbrances and sold it for $230 000 cash.

The complainant suffered financial prejudice of $230 000 and nothing was recovered.