U.S. imposes sanctions on Zimbabwe’s state security minister 

Source: U.S. imposes sanctions on Zimbabwe’s state security minister – Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States has imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe’s state security minister, Owen Ncube, over what it says is credible information of his involvement in “gross violations of human rights,” U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Friday.

Pompeo said in a statement that Washington was troubled by the “Zimbabwean government’s use of state-sanctioned violence against” protesters, opposition leaders and labor leaders.

Two years after the ouster of Zimbabwe’s longtime ruler Robert Mugabe by the army and President Emmerson Mnangagwa, people are still grappling with triple-digit inflation and shortages of basic goods like fuel.

Last month, doctors took to the streets after Peter Magombeyi, their union leader and one of the organizers of an effort to demand higher wages for state doctors, went missing.

Ncube said at the time that Magombeyi’s case was being treated as a disappearance, not an abduction, as his colleagues have alleged.

Human rights groups say they have recorded more than 20 cases of abductions of activists by state security agents since January. The government denies any involvement.


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    Not much point is marching is there? You appear to be blind to the basic problem – you are governed by rogues.
    However to look quanityfingly upon this news, how does this extension of ‘sanctions’ affect the man in the street? or indeed affect the moribund economy. Wake up – they are all despots – but YOU are to blame; voted for them for a ‘Bar of Chocolate’ .

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    FANTASTIC! Please impose more sanctions on those who have committed crimes – and those who support them including SADC and the AU.