UK-based artiste in Zim to record GBV song

Source: UK-based artiste in Zim to record GBV song – The Standard

Copenhagen/London-based artiste Iris Gold, born Mercedes Seecoomar, is in the country where she is shooting the video of her yet-to-be-released single titled Boys Boys Boys, which speaks to violence against women and the vulnerability and emotional turmoil they face.

Her visit was facilitated by Plan International Zimbabwe, which has been working to advance children’s rights and promote equality for girls in the country for over 31years.

Gender-based violence is a global scourge that affects both women and men, but predominantly women.

Data shows that one in three women has experienced partner based violence at some point in their lives.

As such, Iris Gold has joined a myriad of artistes who have used their talent to amplify women’s voices against gender-based violence.

She hopes to curb gender based violence and raise awareness on the challenges women who encounter violence face when seeking justice or support.

As part of her video shoot she met with youths from Mbare and Stoneridge in Harare to hear their stories and share her own experiences with gender-based violence.

“It’s important to raise awareness about violence in any form,” Iris Gold told Standard People.

“I am partnering with Plan International to increase the reach of my message. It’s a global problem. No means No!”

“Being in Zimbabwe is a wonderful experience. As a child, my grandmother told me about a trip she made to Zimbabwe.

“Being here means a lot to me and my family. I love the people and the culture.

“I have met some really brave young women and men.

“I realised violence is experienced on the same magnitude, but the difference with Denmark is the support that women get when they decide to leave abusive relationships.”

Plan International Zimbabwe is implementing the Safe and Inclusive Cities Project (SAIC 2.0) in the country’s two major cities — Harare and Bulawayo.

Mbare and Stoneridge, two sites where Iris Gold shot her video, are among high-density suburbs where the Safe and Inclusive Cities project is being implemented.

The Safe and Inclusive Cities project is meant for young women and men living in the informal settlements and peri urban areas to grow up in safe and resilient urban communities that respect their rights and offer equal opportunities for all regardless of gender.

Iris Gold is a songwriter and rapper who gained prominence in 2015 with the song Gold Mine before she released her full-fledged debut album titled Planet Cool in 2019.

Her second album titled Woman, which she recorded in the Bahamas with Dave Stewart from the Erythmics, was released in 2022.

She has supported artistes such as Robbie Williams, Taylor Swift and Doja Cat, among others.