UN, EU free to monitor our elections: President 

Source: UN, EU free to monitor our elections: President | The Herald January 19, 2018

Bulawayo Bureau
THE United Nations (UN) and the European Union (EU) are welcome to monitor the country’s elections to be held this year, President Mnangagwa has said. In an interview with The Financial Times of Britain this week, President Mnangagwa indicated that Zimbabwe would rejoin the Commonwealth, from where it moved out 16 years ago. He reiterated that the country was going to hold free, fair and peaceful elections.

“We want fair, free and credible elections,” said President Mnangagwa in the interview. “In the past, those who had pronounced themselves against us; who pre-determined that our elections would not be free and fair, were not allowed to come in. But now, with this new dispensation, I don’t feel threatened by anything. I would want the United Nations to come, the EU should come. If the Commonwealth were requesting to come, I am disposed to consider their application.”

President Mnangagwa said the country was committed to re-engaging countries with which relations had soured in the past, including Britain. “When we have engagement, they Britain) want to raise the issue about us joining the Commonwealth,” he said. “I said I’ll be happy to deal with that. I personally have nothing against the Commonwealth club.”

President Mnangagwa said the exit by Britain from the European Union popularly known as Brexit was actually a good opportunity for Zimbabwe “because they will need us. “And we will make sure we become very close to them. So that what they’ve lost with Brexit they can come and recover from Zimbabwe.”

Speaking in Mozambique on Wednesday on the fourth leg of his tour of the region in which he is apprising Sadc Heads of State about the political developments in Zimbabwe, President Mnangagwa said the elections should be transparent, free and fair.

“Zimbabwe is going for elections in four to five months’ time and we have to preach peace, peace and peace, because we know it is good for us and we have no doubt that we will have peaceful elections,” he said.

“I assure the regional leadership that the forthcoming harmonised polls will embrace the tenets of democracy, fair play and standards set by us in the Sadc. We will ensure that Zimbabwe delivers free, credible, fair and indisputable elections to ensure Zimbabwe engages the world as a qualified democratic State.” President Mnangagwa has expressed confidence that the ruling Zanu-PF will romp to emphatic victory, as it is the only party in touch with the needs and aspirations of the people.


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    Wow, I am amazed, if this is true then there is hope. I have said before that the only hope is that the elections are monitored by the UN and they make it a condition of any big foreign aid. Maybe that might happen now

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    The days of the free Lunch are over, it’ as simple as that. Yes you can rejoin what ever you like, but you play by the rules of what you are joining. Elsewhere on this site I read about new vehicles being GIVEN and paperwork being taken from innocent people, so it has to start now and in earnest. All over the world there are people how quite obviously cannot have made the money they flaunt & boast about legitimately. The rest of us are getting restless and fed up with this.