UN greatest threat to world peace and security as SC veto powers only used to protect tyrants, warmongers, and aggressors

It can never be debated that the world today is at its most dangerous, with a marked upsurge of tyrants, warmongers, and aggressors – who appear to increasingly grow in confidence in their heinous activities with unparalleled impunity, on the backs of assured and unwavering support and protection from major global powers, who hold the world in their hands, thanks to their veto privileges they enjoy in the UNSC (United Nations Security Council).

Source: UN greatest threat to world peace and security as SC veto powers only used to protect tyrants, warmongers, and aggressors – The Zimbabwean

The parent organization – the UN (United Nations) – was established after the Second World War (WWII) in 1945, as a successor to the League of Nations, and meant to be an international coalition, aimed to promote global co-operation and maintain international order – whilst, the UNSC is the permanent international peacekeeping organ.

However, one needs to simply read the newspapers, watch international news, or go through social media, to be extremely shocked, beyond measure, with the unimaginable heinous and barbaric acts taking place on this planet, seemingly unchecked, by numerous state actors – such as, Israel, Myanmar, and our very own Zimbabwe, as they freely brutalize and oppress, either those they occupied, or governed.

Yet, what does the UN organ mandated with the gigantic task of international peacekeeping do? A big fat ZERO!


Well, as it turns out, every bully on this planet apparently has a powerful big brother or friend to prop them up, and allow them to ride roughshod over the weak and less powerful, with all the hatred, savagery, and vindictiveness they desire – as they employ the well-design tool of “veto” that they bestowed upon themselves, as a prize for vanquishing everyone else during the WWII, and to be used for the very purpose it is being used today…to rule everyone else, protect their criminal acts, and protect like-minded friends, or poodles.

This “veto” – a political right to disapprove of (and thereby stop) the process of a decision, a law and so forth – has been a frequent feature in the UNSC, as it has been used repeatedly to stop any indictment or action against villainous states, such as Israel in its ongoing illegal occupation, subjugation, and massacring of Palestinians, Myanmar military’s illegal ousting of the country’s democratic elected government and the subsequent heavy-handed and murderous stifling of anti-coup protectors, and Zimbabwe regime’s twenty year long ruthless repression and brutalization of an innocent population.

The United States of America (US) – a giant amongst bullies – has been the faithful saviour of the Israeli entity, having vetoed countless resolutions placed before the UNSC since the establishment of the Jewish state in Palestine in 1948 – with the Chinese and Russians proudly protecting their Burmese and Zimbabwean power-greedy and corrupt brothers and sisters – the latter having been saved a condemnation statement on 11 July 2008, after the then president Robert Gabriel Mugabe lost an earlier election to the opposition MDC’s Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, but doctored the results to force a runoff, whose run-up was marred by the unleashing of the country’s military and ruling ZANU PF party militia on a terror campaign against hundreds of rival supporters.

In the same breath, the ruthlessness of the Zimbabwe regime has never abated, even after the toppling of Mugabe, by his own comrades, in a military coup d’etat in November 2017 – a particularly unsurprising outcome, since those who took over had been his trusted henchmen and enforcers of his 37 year long murderous tyranny.

Whilst the people of Zimbabwe “can’t breathe” under the choking and suffocation at the blood-dripping hands of their own leaders, those in Palestine have been wantonly bombarded since 11 May 2021 (for the umpteenth time) by the Israeli regime on an hourly basis, resulting in over 250 people (mostly women and children) being brazenly killed, yet the US vetoed against a recent UNSC resolution to reprimand their ally.

Where are the vulnerable and unconnected people of this world to turn to, when the organization meant to promote global co-operation and maintain international order, is itself run by the same backers and bouncers who protect and support these bullies – and who themselves, being notoriously bigger bullies in their own right?

What then is the significance of this organization, with its useless organ, except to prop up tyrants, warmongers, and aggressors?

Is this not very dangerous, as an oppressed and suffering people who feel cornered, desperate, and with no help in sight, will naturally resort to their own means of defending, and fighting for, themselves?

Which is exactly what we are witnessing today, with the people of Palestine, as they fight for their emancipation and homeland, through the incessant firing of hundreds of rockets into Israel?

Would such a situation ever had prevailed had the UNSC done its job decades ago, without the US using its veto to protect a wayward friend?

What more should the world expect, as long as this veto system continues in existence, and is employed solely for selfish purposes?

What are the people of Myanmar to do? What are Zimbabweans to do? A desperate people resort to desperate measures.

Clearly, the UN has effectively become the greatest threat to global peace and security – and, surely, the world could have been a much better place had this organization not ever existed.

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