‘Uphold professionalism, ethics’ 

Source: ‘Uphold professionalism, ethics’ –Newsday Zimbabwe

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has warned members of the security forces against behaving in unprofessional and unethical ways while executing their duties.

Rogue members of the army, police and intelligence services have hogged the limelight in recent years after being arrested and, in some cases, sentenced to jail for various criminal activities.

Some of the members have also been involved in cases of armed robberies.

Speaking during the triple burial of national heroes, Nash Nyasha Dzimiri, Shadreck Vezha and Tsitsi Jadagu at the National Heroes Acre in Harare yesterday, Mnangagwa underscored the importance of maintaining high standards of discipline among members of the security sector.

Dzimiri was the director in-charge of investments in the Central Intelligence Organisation while Vezha was Brigadier-General in the Zimbabwe National Army. Jagadu was a war collaborator.

“Men, women and officers of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces are challenged to emulate the professional ethic and character exhibited by the late Brigadier-General Vezha.


“Having been exposed to various military and academic training, the late Vezha applied his knowledge for the good of our country.

“I urge those deployed in peace support operations and seconded for various training in other parts of the world to continue raising our country’s flag high.”

He also called for patriotism among members of the security sector.

“I call upon all Zimbabweans, especially our youths, women and young officers in the rank and file of our intelligence, defence and security sector to draw from good traits of patriotism and selflessness which were exhibited by national heroes,” he said.

Mnangagwa urged the security sector to protect the country’s national interests.

“Honour the legacy of dear departed senior officers by inculcating and entrenching the professional traits which made them patriotic, loyal and dependable,” he said.

“I urge the Zimbabwe Defence Forces and intelligence and security training establishments to be part of the mainstream research, science, innovation and technology development ecosystem underpinned by a Heritage-based Curriculum,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mnangagwa has said that people have embraced the recently introduced Zimbabwean currency, Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG). ZiG notes and coins will be rolled out today.

“ This is our national currency and part of symbols of our national identity and dignity,” he said.