Used cooking oil deal turns sour

Source: Used cooking oil deal turns sour | The Herald October 15, 2019

Used cooking oil deal turns sour

Fungai Lupande Senior Court Reporter
KFC Zimbabwe, which has been supplying used cooking oil to a Harare businessman for his soap business is being sued at the High Court for failing to meet its obligation.

Hermish Chitera is seeking an order compelling Crispy Chicken Restaurant trading as KFC Zimbabwe to supply used cooking oil to all his branches in Zimbabwe as per the parties’ agreement.

According to court papers filed by Chitera said; “In January 2018, Chitera and the defendant (KFC Zimbabwe) entered into a contract wherein the respondent was to supply the applicant with used oil from all its branches in Zimbabwe at reviewable prices for a period of 10 years.

“It was a material term of the agreement that the applicant shall pay for the used oil using cash only and should travel to all these branches on a weekly basis to collect all used oil.

“The applicant is in the informal business of making environmentally friendly soaps and other products using used cooking oil as the main raw material.

“However sometime in May this year the respondent started reneging on its obligations in terms of the contract by not supplying the used oil to some branches of the applicant.”

Chitera says KFC is in breach of their contract and prejudicing him.

“I therefore pray that this honourable court upholds the contact as a valid contract and the respondent be ordered to perform their obligations in terms of the aforementioned contract,” said Chitera.